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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Let's start again. Hello--my name is TJ. Welcome to my blog.

I started this blog a little over two years ago. Sometimes I'd write everyday--sometimes I'd write every month or two, and sometimes I'd take away what I had written. My blog has nearly 25,000 hits, and I think that's pretty cool. Many of my readers have been following me from the beginning, but I know that I have a lot of "newcomers" too--so I thought I'd spend today's post telling everybody a lil about me, the purpose of this blog, and all that jazz. As my comedy career takes off like a rocket (more like the challenger) and as each semester begins and ends--more and more people come into my life. I like that, but it does make it hard to keep everything organized. So here it is--today will be the day I attempt to organize things--this is the new first post--the one that explains it all--or something like that. Enjoy!!

My name is TJ which stands for Trina Jo. Young family members and people who have known me for more than 25 years call me Trina. Everyone else knows me as TJ. Easy enough!

Ghettopolitan simply means: Trashy chic. Baller on a budget. The appreciation of simplicity and of glamor at the same time. Ego waffles with creme fraiche. You get the picture. It's what I am. I was raised in a working class family and will forever honor those roots--but will attempt e'erday to reach the "finer" things in life. Yes--I know that money does not buy happiness, but it sure as hell helps. Have you EVER flown first class? Yeah--it makes the trip a whole lot better doesn't it? So there.

I'm a comedian and a college professor. That's what I do. I teach communication studies and I'm pretty frickin good at it. Feel free to ask any of the 3,000 students that I have taught. 

As far as the comedy goes--yeah--I'm good at that too. I love the stage, and have wanted to be a performer since I was 4 years old. About 1.5 years ago I decided that I really wanted to pursue a career in comedy. Since that time--I've done about 200 shows, headlined about 50 times, won a number of competitions, performed at well known clubs, did a small tour (which was sold out--thank you very much), have become a sought after host, and made several thousand people laugh. I have a VERY diverse group of fans.

I am currently doing the following: working on a huge project with the World famous Wendy Ho, performing as a  FINALIST in OC's funniest comedian competition on Nov 16th, finishing an autobiographical documentary with filmmaker Bridget Najour, planning my summer tour of the midwest, and pretty much taking the world by storm. Making a living doing comedy is a VERY VERY difficult thing to do, so I am chasing my dreams responsibly. I teach at a number of colleges and universities, do catering gigs when I can (I'm a trained chef), pick up odd jobs, and pretty much just stay on top of my bills. Big things will happen for me in 2013--I know they will-----so-----stick with me, because I never forget the people who support me. I have a manager and an assistant which is pretty frickin cool. They keep me on top of things. My ultimate goal is to make a good living while doing comedy. To keep up with my comedy and such--check me out of facebook OR check out my website which will be up in the next week or two @ If you'd like to know what my comedy is all about--imagine if Larry the Cable Guy and Wanda Sykes were to have a baby--then they let Sarah Silverman and Chris Rock be the Godparents--then they let me spend all my time with Ellen Degeneres and Betty White--yeah--that's me.


Comedy is a weird thing. No matter where you are--there is a clear hierarchy. It goes like this:

At the top--MEN--all men--funny, unfunny, black, white, fat, thin--whatever. If you have a penis and want to tell jokes--there is ALWAYS a place for you to do that.

Next in line--"sexy" women--stereotypical thin and sexy and a lil stupid sometimes--you know--laugh at my jokes cuz I'm sexy. If you are a "hot" woman (according to ridiculous standards) you most likely will always have a place to perform.

Next in line--"fat chicks." I'm not being mean by saying that--these are the women who all get on stage and say--yes--I'm a fat chick. They are large women who joke about their weight. It's hard for them to: A. get jobs B. be taken seriously

Next in line--lesbians--usually the people in this category are followed by.....well.....people in this category. They make a lot of jokes about cats and men and vaginas and a large number of them are vegetarian. These women can work--as long as it's a Rosie O'Donnell cruise, some LGBT event (where ALL types of lesbians are allowed--not just the "Ellen's of America) or if they were famous before coming out:)

Next in line--women over 40. Hollywood has made it very clear that women over 40 are disposable. They also believe that women really are not funny so.......if you are over 40 and funny--best of luck with that. It's possible, but yeah--

Beyond the line--one the bottom of someone's shoe is a wad of gum--that's where the following type of comedian lingers: queer, over 40, intelligent female with a muffin top who is unattractive according to social norms. Welcome to my world. I am the comedian on the gum on the shoe, and without my talent--it would be impossible for me to find work. I'm lucky that I am persistent--that all types of people love me and that I have never been afraid of forcing my way thru barriers. It'll happen--you'll see.

I am "married" to the greatest person in the entire world. Myriam and I have been together for 14 years and getting to wake up with her by my side every single day is pretty amazing. She's a brilliant writer. Check out her stuff at's crazy y'all.  I put married is quotation marks because we cannot be legally married in the good ole USA. I am going to blog ALL about Myriam in my next post!

Myriam learning how to shoot!

Orange you glad we are so cute
As far as all the other stuff goes--I guess I'm a very well rounded person. I'm pretty cool, I like myself for the most part, and I'm hilarious, intelligent, and empathetic which are good traits to have. I like lists and I also prefer talking to writing SO--sometimes my blog is done in list form and sometimes I might Vlog (video blog). The rest of this post will be done in lists--so you can all get to know me a little better. Thanks for reading my blog and whether you are new to ghettopolitan or have been following the whole time--thanks for the support. Feel free to comment, come to a show, send me a question, or whatever you'd like. I am going to try VERY VERY hard to post on here at least twice a week. Consistency is pretty important, and I want to keep everyone on top of things--just in case people are wondering! Ok--so here I am---

Lists of five!!

Places I have lived
2. Pennsylvania
3. Michigan
4. Nor Cal (Northern California)
5. So Cal (Southern California)

Best TV shows EVER!
1. Roseanne
3. Parenthood
4. The Golden Girls
5. All in the Family/Sesame Street (it's a tie)

Favorite foods
1. Cheeseburgers
2. Fried Chicken
3. Mac and Cheese
4. Pizza--str8 up cheese pizza
5. Myriam's homemade potato salad

Favorite music RIGHT now
1. Mumford and Sons
2. Anything sung on GLEE
3. Taylor Swift--her new album is amazing
4. Flo Rida--
5. Kendrick Lamar

Favorite music ever--like music I've loved for many many many years
1. Eminem
2. Billy Joel
3. Queen
4. Aerosmith
5. N.W.A

Foods I hate
1. Cilantro
2. Beets
3. Sweet potatoes
4. Circus peanuts (those orange things)
5. Shawarma 

Political views
1. Liberal because I have seen this world and choose NOT to live in a bubble
2. We are too divided as a nation and do not care enough about each other. It makes me sad.
3. It is RIDICULOUS that it is 2012 and men are arguing about what women should so with their bodies
4. Equal rights for all should be a simple prospect.
5. Judge Judy would be a great President

Religious views
1. Karma is real
2. There is an after life and mine will be good
3. Love one another
4. Give not because you have a lot, but because you know what it's like to have nothing
5. Julia Sweeney might be right. 

Things that overwhelm me
1. Arts and crafts--the concept is wonderful--the possibilities make me anxious. I will color or do a collage--that's it!
2. The number of cereal choices in any grocery store. It's UNACCEPTABLE
3. Paperwork of any kind
4. Poppy seeds on a bagel
5. The current price of gas

I write haikus so I will leave you with five. I promise to write again soon and to be more diligent with my posts. I'm hoping to hit 25,000 views before Thanksgiving so.....if you like my blog.....pass it on. If you do not--keep it to yourself.


I drive a mustang
but can't afford to gas up
gangsta with no funds

it does not matter
what time of day that it is
peanut butter rules

it would be so cool
if hip hop music would use
more frickin banjos

in a perfect world
my life would be a cartoon
that made others laugh

I don't understand
how anyone can enjoy

That's it for today. Thanks for reading! TJ