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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Healthy anger, The Premiere of HOP, and birthdays

Ok, it's 10pm and it's still 84 degrees in my house. WTF. This weather is out of control.

Myriam is in Canada. Her tour is going well, and she is having a great time. She will be home in 20 days!!! Yay. the rabbits and I miss her very much.

Nothing too exciting is going on. I'm glad they found the snake. I cannot imagine working at that zoo. You know, coming into work and having your supervisor say...."alright, today you'll be looking for the snake." "Remember to be careful though cuz it's one of the deadliest snakes in the world." Damn.

Tomorrow I am taking my little friend Ellie to go see HOP. It's going to be really fun. She's 3 and 1/2 and she loves the movies. We're going to eat popcorn, eat m&ms and enjoy the film.

I may be performing tomorrow night in L.A. It's been a little while since I performed so I'm really glad for the opportunity. Hopefully my Board of Directors meeting can be changed so I can do the show. If not, I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

Today I followed some advice from my therapist and made a mix CD full of angry music. It's called FUKT. I'm really glad that my hurt has finally turned into pure anger. That is very healing for me because hurt is anger turned inward. Finally, my anger is being directed at the right source. Anger can be a very positive thing as long as it is expressed in a way that is beneficial. Remember, how others treat you is their karma; how you respond is yours. Making the cd is a healthy thing and I loved doing it. Here is the playlist:
1. Gives You Hell sung by Glee
2. Just like a Pill by PINK
3. Fuck You by Ceelo Green
4. Never Again by Kelly Clarkson
5. Bust Your Windows by Mediafire
6. Gernade by Bruno Mars
7. I want to Break Free by Queen
8. You Oughta Know by Alanis Morrisette
9. Picture to Burn by Taylor Swift
10. I can do Better by Avril Lavigne
11. Closure by Aly & AJ
12. FU Right Back by Frankee
13. This Love by Pantera
14. I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace
15. Bitch Back Up Off of Me by K Rock
16. Hate (I Really Don't Like You) by the Plain White T's
17. Puke by Eminem

If anyone has any other songs they think that I should add then by all means, let me know. YAY!!
My friend Karen suggested Gun Show by In This Moment. I'll check that one out.

Also, if anyone wants a copy--let me know and I'll burn one for you.

My mom just had her "birthday." As of yesterday she is a five year cancer survivor. I'm very grateful for her and her health.

One of my oldest and dearest friends is turning 40 tomorrow. T Greene. I love you so much and I'm honored to be a part of your life--even though you are super old. HA. Speaking of tomorrow--that is also the day that I will officially be 39 and 3/4. My party is going to be on July 8th and 9th. Roller Rink and Waterpark. Invites will be going out in the next few weeks. I wish that you could all come. I know several of you live really far away but I'm sure that you'll be here in spirit. Feel free to send a gift though--even if you cannot make it. HAHA Just Kidding of course.

So recently I've been making collages. I really like doing them. I'm going to post some on ETSY. If anyone sees one they like--let me know and I'll send it to you. It will be free of course. Also--if you'd like me to make you on and you have a specific theme in mind--tell me and I'll get right on it. It's super fun and I would love nothing more than to make and give them to my friends and family. Handmade gifts are the best.

Let's see.....Oh today, I went through my blog and read all of the comments. They were all super great. I really needed to see them. Several of them made me cry but in a good way. It seems that I have a lot of people reading my blog but, only a few of you leave comments. Just give it a try....I really like them and I'd like to know who is reading and what you think of the blog AND you should also offer suggestions. To those that leave comments on the regular--thanks. To everyone else--get on it. It's fun and you can even do it anonymously if you want to.

Alright, that's it for tonight. I'm tired and I have to teach tomorrow at 9. I love my Saddleback students but it takes me two hours to get there on Fridays:( Thanks for reading. Comments pretty please. You can even just say hi if you want to.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Living without limbs, words of wisdom, and snake update

If you take the amount of money that the U.S. spends on food in one week---you could feed a third world country for one year. Do you know what that means? It means that we are being overcharged for food.

Happy Wednesday everyone.  Well, they still haven't found the snake. You can however follow him on Twitter. (Bronxzooscobra) I love that. Thanks for the link Tricia.

Today was a pretty good day. Class tonight was great yet frustrating at the same time. I teach intercultural communication at a VERY privileged university. Don't get me wrong, a lot of the students there did not come from wealthy families AND I'm not saying that coming from a wealthy family is a bad thing. I just find that so many of the students cannot look beyond their own bubble that is Orange County. They cannot comprehend empathy because they have never been forced to "walk in another person's shoes" and frankly, many of them don't want to. Tonight we discussed abortion AND immigration which of course are very heated topics. Overall, it was a good discussion but some students made some very ignorant and offensive comments. It frustrates me when the bad puts a shadow over the good. Oh well, I do what I can and I'll just be grateful for the students with open minds and critical thinking skills.

Last night I had an out of the body experience. I was beside myself. HAHA

What happens if you spill carpet cleaner?

So, I've noticed a trend lately. There are A LOT of stories about people with missing limbs who are accomplishing great things i.e. climbing mountains, becoming wrestling champions, surfing, etc. Anyways--just something that I noticed. It amazes me how differently- abled people will go to such extremes to show that they can do ANYTHING. They seem to want to appear "normal." The funny thing is that most of them are doing more than "normal" people are.  I wonder if they would've done all of these things if they had all of their limbs or if they would've just been lazy like the rest of us.

My grandpa only had one arm. He grabbed a live wire to save several people from being electrocuted and in turn, he lost his arm. The funny thing about my grandpa....he got by....but he never tried to "prove" that he could do ANYTHING. In fact, he basically just simplified and enjoyed his life. Sometimes--instead of trying to prove that he was "normal" he would just say something like: "I can't do that you idiot, I only have one arm."  Sometimes he wore a hook--which was super cool. My grandpa was pretty amazing. I have lots of stories about him. Perhaps I'll share some with you. Jackie.....I know you are reading this. What is your favorite grandpa story?

Words to live by:
How people treat you in their karma; how you react is yours.

Zen Proverb:
Live every day like your hair is on fire

So, I love netflix on demand but they really need to update and fix their organization. Tonight I was looking for a movie to watch and under the "fight against the system" category was Dr. Dolittle II and A Veggie Tales film.  They were right next to a George Carlin film and a Michael Moore film which made it even funnier. I'd love to see a Veggie Tales movie where they "fight the system." That would rock. Romaine is a very religious vegetable. Lettuce pray.

That's it. I'm tired. More tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Snake on the loose, glad to be alive, and HOP

The new commercial for Panda Express where the pandas are dressed as pirates--freaks me out.

As many of you know, I am terrified of snakes. Recently a cobra, yes a cobra, escaped from the Bronx Zoo. Last night I actually couldn't sleep because I was seriously afraid that the cobra would somehow end up in my house. Yes, I am 39 years old and I thought a snake could travel 2500 miles to Long Beach and enter my home to kill me. Every single time I heard a noise.....I turned on my lights to see if it was the cobra. I guess they still haven't found it. Another sleepless night indeed.

I am reconnecting with dear friends. Today I got to hang out with Jen Reed. It was invigorating. She's pretty amazing.

I really want to take a trip to Texas to see my friends Devona and Sue.  I've know Devona for nearly 35 years and Sue for over 25. I miss them so I hope I can arrange a trip very soon.

Quotes of the week:
 "Rejection is God's protection." Jen Reed
Me: "What will I say if she calls?" Jamie: "You'll say what the fuck do you want!?" "Not everyone has a soul TJ." I heart you Jamie. Thanks for the pep talk.

The new movie Hop opens on Friday and I cannot wait to go see it. I totally identify with that rabbit. I'm hoping my little friend Ellie will go see it with me.

I LOVE the song Written in the Stars by Tinie Tempah. If you haven't heard it, you should check it out. His name is pretty awesome too.

Myriam KEEPS selling out of her books. Her tour is going great. She's found her calling and I'm honored to be able to be a part of it.

So I received an award for professor of the month at Chapman. I'm super proud of this.

Many of you have given me so much support over the last several months. I could not have gotten this far without it. Just three months ago I was seriously contemplating suicide. I look back now and realize that that would have been a very bad decision--especially considering why I was so despondent. It would not have been worth it. Believe me. Since then, I have grown so much as a person and am actually grateful for the pain that I had to go through. I faced it, felt it, and learned. Believe it or not, I'm even grateful for the person that brought on so much of that pain. Though I was not given the opportunity to face her--and even though she lied to make me look bad--I still learned. We can even learn psycho evil I guess. All I know now is that I have an amazing partner, amazing friends, a wonderful family, great students, a bright future, a sharp mind, and a pretty sexy body:) I'm finding my center and I really like it. Thanks so much everyone. It's the little things that add up to the big.

3 months ago I wanted to I am learning to drum, laughing everyday, and receiving awards for my talents. Never give up people. NEVER.

That's it. I'm tired and I need to go look for the snake. The funny thing is.....if I ever saw a snake in my house I would just die immediately from fright. Tomorrow--time with Karen, teach, massage, and a meeting. My life kinda rocks.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A short post

Reasons why the 80's were so much cooler than today:
1. Gender bending was cool and sexy (i.e. Madonna and Glam Rock)
2. The glass ceiling was broken Geraldine Ferraro-- when she became the first female Vice Presidental candidate on a major party ticket. Many of you did not know that did you? She died this week.
3. Baskin Robbins actually had 31 flavors. See they only have 29 now which is RIDICULOUS!
4. Happy meals came in boxes.
5. Ideas for film and TV were actually original--not just remakes.
6. Parachute pants
7. People like Gene Simmons, Hulk Hogan, and Rev Run were brilliant entertainers instead of tired reality show stars.
8. Bocephus.
9. Justin Beiber wasn't born yet.

Ok so it's Monday. I have a pretty busy week. Myriam is in Oregon and she says it's cold but pretty.

 My cousin Stevie is coming back to the states. She is a badass MPO in the Army. She's been based in Germany but will now be in Georgia. Stevie's kinda bummed about it because she loved Germany but, I'm glad she's going to Georgia for a number of reasons: 1. It will be easier to visit her because Myriam and I go there a lot--cuz our dear friend Thais lives there. 2. She can bring some positive energy and courage to the state. They need it. 3. I think she will like it because the National Museum of Puppetry Arts is there and I think she likes puppets. Maybe she doesn't but--oh well--I like puppets.

Got my 90 day chip last week so that's pretty cool.

I pre ordered Season 2 of Glee today. YAY!!

You should all watch the documentary Food Matters. It's pretty amazing.

I don't really have anything else to say right now. Will post some haiku and other fun things later tonight. Cheers! Thanks for reading.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random thoughts and shout outs

Jane Lynch AS Sue Sylvester AS Madonna might just be the coolest thing ever shown on TV. (Glee Season 1)

I gave away my ticket to Nate Dogg's funeral because I did not want to cancel class. Now that is dedication folks.

I am addicted to that damn Angry Birds game.

Quotes of the week: "An open mind is a great thing to have but, not so open that your brains fall out.""Don't lose track of who you are just because it might be easier to be someone else."

I am on spring break at OCC next week. I do love my students there but, I hate going to that campus-- so I'm looking forward to the break.

Shout outs: Hey Tyler, Sarah, and Tricia--thanks for an awesome time at Le Creperie. I love hanging out with you guys AND the food was super good. Let's do it again soon. I'll even be nicer to the gay waiter next time.

Tim Hill--you are a rock star. It was awesome seeing you on Friday and I cannot believe that you bought me and my friends' lunch as a surprise. Double treat indeed. I'm glad that you are doing well, your friend was Wisconsin is ADORABLE, and I promise that I will arrange for you to meet John Mayer someday. I promise.

Sometimes I feel like I'm playing tug of war with myself. Does anyone know what I mean?

If you had to pick two celebrities to be President and Vice President who would you pick? I would pick Judge Judy for President and either Betty White or Oprah for Vice President.

My friend Shae (who is ten by the way) made a really cool statement the other day. She was asked to find a song that was her "guilty pleasure." You know...something that you love that you might be embarrassed or even feel guilty about for liking it. I have many guilty pleasures including: Teen Mom 2, Neil Diamond, Mountain Dew, etc. Anyways.....After Shae's mom explained what a guilty pleasure was Shae simply responded by saying "If I like something it's because I like it and I'm not going to feel guilty about that." I love her insight. We should always be proud of what we like--no matter what others might think. Thanks for the great lesson Shae.

On Friday, my friend Robin is turning 50 and my friend T is turning 40. On that day I will officially be 39 and 3/4. My thirties are coming to a close and I'm finally at peace with that--well at least right now I am.

Ok that's it for part two. Thanks for reading. Tomorrow look for some haiku and some fun lists. Send me a topic and I'll come up witty something witty to say about it. Have a great week everyone.

Myriam's tour, Louis, and student statements

I have had a super busy week. I've missed blogging. Some of you have emailed me to inquire about my next post. Well, here it is. It's Saturday night, I just took some theraflu because I'm fighting a cold, there is a Little House on the Prairie marathon on, and I have some leftover steak and mac & cheese in the fridge--so there ya go.

Myriam was here for three days which was wonderful. Her readings all went very well. In fact she sold out of her books for the second time. People cannot get enough of her weird wit. Thursday's reading was here in Long Beach and the place was packed. Before the show, we had the gang from Sister Spit over for dinner. Kirk, Ali, Mari, Blake, Amos, Michelle, and Beth all got to see our house and meet the rabbits. I was honored to cook for them. It was a pretty good meal if I do say so myself. Many friends came out to the venue to support Myriam and the rest of Sister Spit.  It was awesome.  I think it may have been one of the greatest nights of my life. Good food, amazing artists, great friends, and a shout out from Michelle Tea makes for a pretty incredible time. To see the Sister Spit Blog check out

Myriam will be back in 24 days:) She is having a blast but, I miss her a lot.

Ok so last Sunday I adopted a dog. I posted a few pictures of Louis on my facebook page. Unfortunately, after a few trips to the vet I made the decision to return him. Though I loved him, I had to do what was best for everyone--including Louis. He has some serious eye problems and I just couldn't take on the responsibility of caring for him. I was going to have to administer a number of medications multiple times a day AND his care was going to cost a lot. An independently wealthy woman that volunteers at the shelter has decided to take him and get him the surgeries and help that he needs. I'm grateful for her. I enjoyed the few days thatI had with him.

My drumming class is going very well. I really love it. I'm now on a mission to find the perfect drum to purchase.

Ok so it's Sunday now. I totally fell asleep before I finished my post. Theraflu rocks.

On of the classes that I teach is public speaking  Last week was a speech week and here are some of my favorite lines from speeches AND some favorite excuses from people who missed their speeches:

1. (Best opening line) "Today I am going to tell you about an expensive coffee that is made from poop."
2. (Best citation of source) "According to the back of the Entenmann's box, these donuts are full of fat."
3. (Best line for further research) "If you want to know more about this then you should totally google it."
4. ( Three best excuses for missing class) "Oh...I got confused and thought our class was on Monday's and Wednesday's." "I couldn't come to class because all of my clothes were in the washer and I didn't think you wanted me to come naked." "My coke dealer is in Vegas and I was twitchin cuz I didn't have none."
5. (Best true reason for having to drop the class) "I'm being charged with  murder cuz the guy me and my homies beat up died this morning."

This post is getting too long and I have a lot more to say so........I'll post again in a few hours. Promise!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Myriam's tour, hypnosis, haircut, and weird food facts

Hope everyone had a great week. Mine has been super busy and productive. My blog has reached 10,000 hits (not including mine) and that makes me really really happy.

I went skating today and bit it big time. The streets of Long Beach are too bumpy. Now whenever I want to go skating, I have to drive to the beach and skate on the bike path.

There was a time when Rice Krispies had four mascots; Snap, Crackle, Pop, and Pow. They got rid of Pow after World War II began. Yucca is very good for you, but if not cooked properly it will cause body paralysis. Imitation Krab has red food coloring added to it. That's how they make it look like crab. If you go to you can order a sourdough starter. They will send it to you for free. There is an ice cream parlor in England that sells ice cream made from human breast milk.

My girlfriend Myriam is currently on tour with Sister Spit. Please check out for a tour schedule. She will be gone for an entire month. I am super proud of her. Her writing is quite amazing, and I think it's pretty cool that she is going to get to share it with so many people. If you want to learn more about Myriam or see some of her stories, just google Myriam Gurba. Sister Spit will be in L.A. tomorrow night, Pasadena on Tuesday, USC on Wednesday, and in Long Beach on Thursday. It'll be great to see her. She has only been gone 6 days but it seems like forever. I'm so glad that we are back together. The whole mess with ____ actually brought us closer together, and for that I am grateful.

I am going dancing tonight even though I hurt my knee today. I haven't been to Ripples in years so I am super excited.

I love mix cds. My friend Karen made me two this week and they were both super awesome!!

Does anyone know where I can find some cool remixes? Any DJ's come to mind?

My students have decided that my stage name should be DJ No Clue. I do not care for that name.

I finally got my hair cut by Brock Le Brock. He is amazing!!! If anyone in the LBC is looking for a new stylist.....please call Flaunt and make an appointment with Brock. Tell him that TJ sent you and you'll get a discount.

Yesterday I tried hypnosis. I loved it. The goal is to disassociate myself completely from a certain someone in two sessions. The first session was VERY successful. Hypnosis is something that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. If you have ever wanted to give it a try contact Landon Vo. Let me know if you want his number.

My little friend Ellie (little meaning that she is young not that she is a midget) bought me the book Princess Boy. It's a children's book about a young gender queer person and it is AMAZING. It's nice to see books like this. All kids need unconditional love and, all people should learn a little something about gender.

I saw not one, but two students smoking weed on campus last week. They were just out in the open (in two different locations) just puffing away. Unbelievable.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow. I hope it doesn't.

Both my African Drumming and my Tai Chi classes are going very well. I love them a lot.

Forgiving is easy. Forgetting is not.  I wish it was.

If one more person handing out cash for gold fliers comes to my house......I may just punch him.

There has to be an easier way to find out what is in the center of assorted chocolates.

Seven songs that I will always love no matter what: Shoop, Forever Young, Sister Christian, God Only Knows,  Under Pressure, Crazy (Aerosmith), and Ice Ice Baby.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Roseanne, The death Penalty, Captain crunch, and spinal tap

Hey everyone. It has been str8 up crazy this week. So much is going on. I think I'm going to have to start blogging more often to fit it all in.

Ok--here we go.

I have always been a huge fan of Roseanne (both the show and the comedian) but I am very disappointed that she has chosen to stand up for Charlie Sheen.  He is an idiot and I am glad that he was fired. I think he needs to take a serious look at his actions. I am a huge proponent for people being able to do what they want to but, all actions have consequences. Dude--you can't have hookers brought to your door AND be on a family friendly sit com. Pick one and move on. If he is on one more cover of people magazine--I am canceling my subscription. Roseanne--please stop adding to the insanity.

I have always been very vocal about my opposition to the death penalty. Not only have innocent people been executed but it is VERY expensive and does not deter people from crime. Anyways--I was happy to see Illinois put a ban on the DP this week. Other states have actually considering getting rid of it to save money. I know that there are evil people out there--I get it. I just don't doesn't matter....I'm just happy about Illinois.

Ok--GREAT NEWS!! The Quaker Oats company has decided to keep Cap'n Crunch. They were seriously considering getting rid of the cereal. After thousands of letters--they decided that was a bad idea. I love Cap'n Crunch.

Did you all know that Pop tarts come in 30 different flavors? I do enjoy a pop tart now and then. Today, one of my students suggested that I try to put butter on them when they are hot. That sounds so good but the last thing that my fat ass needs is butter on a pop tart. I'll probably try it anyways.

True story: yesterday, while on a high school field trip, a 17 year old student jumped off of the Bay Bridge on a dare. Oh--and here is the best part--he survived--no injuries whatsoever. This is the future of our country. I guess he answered that age old question asked by every mother--"if they asked you to jump off of a bridge would you?" I cannot believe how lucky that idiot is. Please don't call it a miracle--it's called luck when they are idiots.

Yesterday was one of the scariest days of my life. I had to call 911 for Myriam and I seriously thought she was going to die before the ambulance came. After a number of tests, including a spinal tap, they sent her home. She's doing GREAT today. I am very grateful that the hospital took such good care of her and that she is ok now. Headaches can be super scary--especially when they include loss of sight and vomiting.

As many of you know--during my mid life crisis--I actually left my relationship for some pretty stupid reasons. The logistics of that mess are not important. All I can say is that I am so glad I am back home with Myriam and that we are working stuff out. Myriam is an amazing person and we have had 12 great years together. I'm grateful for second chances, honesty, and my own growth. Especially after what happened yesterday--I know in my heart that I am where I supposed to be.

Kind of sappy--I know. What can I say--I am a hopeless romantic.

It's supposed to be a nice weekend and I do not have to teach:) Looking forward to skating and maybe we will go on a picnic. My brother in law David is coming on Sunday and so is our friend Cris so that will be super fun.

Nearly finished with act one of my one person show. I'm looking for people to read it and give me some feedback. Any takers? I have a regular one AND one that is pg 13 just so ya know.

Due to Myriam's emergency I was unable to attend my first Tai Chi class. I will go next week for sure and let you all know how it goes.

Here are some other things I have planned for next week. Some of them even sound fancy and important. They are all gonna be super fun.

Board of Directors meeting for The Movement, haircut at Flaunt by wait for it...Brock Le Brock, smoke and kick it with K.R., drum class, tai chi, massage, appointment with a hypnotist, AND my first soccer game ever. My friend Sammy is a member of the Angel City Brigade. You can see a video of them on youtube. They are a super crazy bunch that raises all kinds of crazy at the games. In fact, sometimes the law has to get involved. We wear bandanas over our faces so the cops can't tell who we are. It's kind of like a cross between a super hero and a gang member. I'm really excited. GO HARD OR GO HOME!! Sammy even bought my ticket so that makes it even better.

Yeah--I try to live on the edge. That's it for today. Thanks for reading. I'm so close to 10,000 hits. Please leave comments. You all rock. Much love!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

White coat syndrome, Tom's shoes, and Born to be Wild in 3D

Two favorite quotes of the week:

"We teach others how to treat us." Dr. Phil
"Keep your drink just give me the money." Pink

Ok-it's Wednesday and the week is almost half over.  I have one of my spring breaks next week so that will be pretty cool. Looking forward to having a few extra days off. Myriam leaves on Tuesday for a whole month. She will be on tour with Sister Spit promoting her new books. The trip sounds like it's gonna be super fun.

Let's see...Yesterday I was talking to my cousin Jackie and she told me about something called white coat syndrome. I had never heard of it before. It's actually quite fascinating. Basically it's when a patient goes to the Dr, and he or she is so nervous about being at the Dr. that his or her blood pressure shoots up--causing concern from the Dr.  It's like some kind of vicious cycle. Who knew?

Speaking of vicious cycles--I really want to support Tom's shoes but I'm concerned about how the shoes are made. For every pair of shoes you purchase Tom's a pair of shoes to a child in need. That's a cool concept but since they are made in China does that mean that the children working in the sweat shops there then have to work twice as hard?  It's madness. If anyone has further info about this--please let me know.

Fred Phelps has won his case in the Supreme Court. We all hate Fred Phelps and think he is a coward, but the 1st Amendment is a pretty amazing thing to keep protected. It's ironic that he pickets the funerals of soldiers that are fighting for his right to speak freely. All I can say about Fred Phelps is that there is a very special place in hell for him.

I usually jump on board with cool shows like years after they originally air. I've just discovered 30 Rock. Yes, I know that it's been on for 5 years--what can I say--I'm a late bloomer when it comes to pop culture. Anyways--I love 30 Rock. It's brilliant.

I found some peeps to watch Glee with. Yay for the reclamation of Glee. Next reclamation= Roscoe's. Who's in?

I've decided to limit my TV time to 10 hours per week. I really like to do so many other things but sometimes TV just sucks me in and before I know it, the day is gone. I think it's gonna be a cool thing.

I'm seeing a hypnotist next week. Very excited.

There is a new movie coming out about animal orphans and it's called Born to be Wild. Please check out the preview. I cannot wait to see it.

I begin my Tai Chi classes tomorrow. I already feel more focused and balanced.

I'm trying to eat better but McDonalds is having that damn Big Mac sale right now. I hate to admit it but, I love the big mac.

My friend Jamie (who is str8 btw) is going to Dinah Shore. I'm as gay as a picnic basket and have never been. Very odd indeed.

The Double Down at KFC is a Ghetto version of Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Going to my very first Soccer game EVER next Sunday with my friends Sammy and Erich. Sammy claims that the day will be life changing. I'm kinda pumped about it.

I try to read two books a week--I'm looking for suggestions for next week. Jackie, what are you reading right now?

That's it for now--gonna go skate for awhile, visit my friend Karen, and then teach at Chapman. Life is good.

Thanks for reading. I'm almost to 10,000 hits. I am a superhero indeed. Where are my cape and goggles?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend and randomness

Had a super weekend. Here it is in a nutshell:

Weather was great.
Went to an amazing birthday party for my friend Tess.
Saw a cool band play--World War Rose. They pretty much rocked the place.
Reconnected with an amazing friend who I love dearly.
Bought myself derby AND rink skates. Found a super sale--so I figured what the hell?
Went for a long drive with Myriam. We found a new pizza place. Had a great time and a great dinner.
Saw Rango--it was awesome. I can really identify with him. Does anyone know what kind of animal Spoons was supposed to be?
Wrote some new material.
Watched Pink's concert on logo. I love her--she's a great entertainer--She sings one song while performing on a trapeze. Oh AND she performed a Queen song. She's kind of a badass and the fact that I can identify with her music makes me feel young:) I'd love to have lunch with her, Betty White, and Sandra Bullock. That would be super awesome.

Ok-we need to stop giving Charlie Sheen so much attention. He's an idiot--let's just move on.

I love the new Dr. Dre song featuring Eminem. Not only is it just a great song but the lyrics again seems to confirm my research on Eminem. Another love song for Dr Dre?--yep--it looks that way.

Does anyone watch Glee? I really want to watch it because I miss it BUT because of evilness--and bad memories I need someone new to watch it with. Let me know if you are down.

That's it for today. I'm proud to be a freak. "Normal" people rarely make history.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tina Turner, Lasagna, Tess Rose is 14, and student statements of the week

Well well--it is Friday. I am gonna start by venting a little because it was kind of a frustrating day. I teach in Mission Viejo on Fridays and Saturdays and normally I am very happy with the students there. First--let me just say that it takes me almost 2 hours to drive there on Fridays because it's 45 miles away AND the traffic in So Cal is brutal. Anyways--today was speech day and I had 27 speeches scheduled (it is a three hour class.) I'm sure you all know where this is going.....Only 20 of the 27 students showed up AND out of those 20 only 7 were ready to present. I was pissed. I'm a pretty laid back teacher and I try to be understanding, but when I feel taken advantage of--I get angry. Needless to say....I got angry. The speeches that were given were really good but the lack of preparedness from the other students unfortunately overshadowed the great presentations. Anyways--I handled it and so far I have received 11 emails from students apologizing. I was gonna give them next Friday off because of their hard work. HA. I might add an extra class now--lol. OK-that's enough of that.

Ok so Tina Turner is 71 years old. 71!!! My God. She looks amazing. What a strong and amazing woman she is. I don't really have too much more to say about her--I just couldn't believe that she was 71 when I saw her picture. If you've never seen the film that is her life story (What's love got to do with it) you must see it immediately. I think she's my role model of the week. It's people like her that show us all that no matter how crappy life is--if we have enough strength and courage--things can and will get better.

Yesterday I made a really good lasagna. Myriam even had two pieces. Good lasagna is always even better the second day. I think I'll have it for dinner.

Here are my three favorite student statements of the week:

Dude--I was gonna put the thermostat at 69 but I thought that might be inappropriate--wait--TJ--do you know what 69 means?

Ok so I have a problem with stray hairs like falling on the ground--which is weird because my boyfriend is super hairy because he is Persian and hair is always falling off of his arms.

Yes TJ, I take coupons on a date--see--I'm a baller on  budget.

Gotta love those students--the future of America--and Sarah Palin wants to be their leader--God help us all.

Tomorrow I am going to a birthday party with like 75 14 year olds. I'm super excited. I first met Tess when she was 5 or 6. I bought her her first milkshake--now she is 14 and has a cool rockband. They are gonna play 8 songs at the party. I'm super stoked that she invited me--a 39 2/3 year old to her party. Tess is awesome--her sister Shae also rocks--and their mom is one of the most amazing people in my life--glad we are all reconnecting.

That's it for today--time for me to go see what kind of trouble I can get into tonight. Comments are awesome--xoxoxo

Thursday, March 3, 2011

coffee grounds, recipe of the day, and 60 day chip

Happy Thursday--almost Friday. This has been a crazy week. It has been very manic so to speak--happy then sad then angry then anxious then happy again. Oh well. It's all good I guess.

Here is my favorite quote right now:

"I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." - Marilyn Monroe

Had a super good tuna sandwich today for lunch. Went to Frisco's with my friend Jamie--that is always so fun. I brought her some chocolate chip banana muffins. They are delicious--I'm sure she is going to love them.

Ok so yesterday I went with my friends Steven and Randy to have my coffee grounds read. There is this wonderful woman that we found in Whittier and she does spiritual readings with coffee grounds. Sounds odd I know but it's really pretty cool. I actually got a lot out of it. Went for sheer entertainment but it was actually kind of enlightening. We had a blast. Then we all went to Ruby's and had burgers and hot fudge sundaes. Life really doesn't get much better than that.

Oh the Turkish coffee lady (that is what we call her) did say one thing that made me laugh. She said that recently I was close to someone that hurt me (which of course is true). Then she said that that person is immature, very selfish, kind of crazy, needs to grow up, and that I'm better off without her. In fact--way better off without her. I of course agree. 

So, everyday I get a new recipe emailed to me from this club that I'm in. They are usually pretty cool recipes like trout with almond sauce or swiss fondue, but today the recipe was unusually different but I loved it. The recipe of the day was....wait for it....chili cheese dog casserole. Holla. Represent the midwest with a casserole. Basically you place buns on the bottom of a pan then put in hot dogs--add chili and cheese then bake. Garnish with onions if desired. Sounds like a swell dish to me.

So last week I got my 60 day chip for the recovery program that I am in. It felt super good. I'm really proud of myself because I've been working super hard. I love the fact that just two months ago I was as low as I have ever been and now--I'm doing pretty well. Glad I didn't give in to the desperation and end it all--believe me--I was nearly there. Life always gets better. Sometimes you just have to feel the pain and try to learn from it. In the end--it will always be ok. See--if it's not ok then it's not the end. I sometimes get frustrated that this whole process of healing is taking so long but I'm trying to be patient because I know that sooner or later--it'll all pass and I'll be able to tackle much more important things in life.

I'm trying to think of what else to say...oh here are a few more things that I thought of that are either under or overrated. 

Kobe Bryant
Jane Austen
Fancy Beer
Anything vanilla scented

Bubble baths
homemade gifts
Straight up cheese pizza
Margaret Cho
Quiet Friday nights at home

Ok-I think that's it for today--Thanks for reading everyone.