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Monday, June 20, 2011

Bolsa Chica with Theresa, Tracy Morgan, and RSVP people

It has been a super long time since my last blog. I didn't have the best week last week, but life is looking better, so I decided to finally get back to posting.

Two questions: How old would you be if you didn't know your age? Can anyone give me a quick lesson on Twitter--I want to tweet and get on bored with the whole twitter thing. I just do not get it.

I recently heard about these "worms from hell." Has anyone else heard of them? The name alone truly freaks me out. I guess there are these worms that live like a mile and a half under ground. I don't know much else about them because I didn't want to read any more information--just thought I'd bring it up. Myriam claims that there are some of them under the house.

Not too much is going on. I enjoy the summer vacation but, sometimes it gets lonely and boring. It's hard to stay motivated. I'd love to find a part time job but there is not much out there. I struggle with depression (which of course is different then sadness) so I've been just working on getting through each day. I will blog this week about depression--comedians and depression--and why the hell it is so difficult to understand, fight, and live with.

Last week I spent a day at Bolsa Chica Beach with my dear friend Theresa. It was WONDERFUL. Theresa and I have ben friends for like 16 years but haven't seen each other in awhile--reconnecting with her was super amazing--we kicked it in her RV, ate cheese, drank a lot of port, and played cards--seriously, it was one of the best days ever.

I have two weeks left of being in my thirties--I feel like I should be doing something like running a marathon or climbing some huge mountain or swimming with the dolphins. Those things all take up so much energy--I think I'll just stay in Long Beach, listen to records, and create some cool panini recipes.

I recently read the book ICE by Ice T. His life is very interesting and I loved his story. His new show Ice Loves Coco is really really good. I think they have a fascinating relationship. In the ten + years that they have been together--they have only spent one night apart. They also have a wonderful dog named Spartacus. I recommend the show to everyone.

Another show that I recently came across is Storage Wars. It's kind of funny--watching these grown ass macho men competing against one another for storage units that they know nothing about. The traits of masculinity and how they are executed by these men (who by the way are nothing special--just average "American" men) are quite an entertaining. I have shopped in three of the stores that they represent which makes it even cooler.

Ok--I want to talk for a minute about Tracy Morgan. First of all, I have NEVER liked him as a comedian. I think he is an idiot. In fact, I really tried to love 30 Rock but had to give it up--because he is such an idiot. His recent anti gay rant during a performance is, in my opinion, unforgivable. Myriam disagrees. She believes that nothing is off limits where comedy is concerned and thinks that the more taboo something is--the better it is to make fun of. I do not think jokes coming from a place of privilege are funny. I argue that those jokes add to stereotypes, promote racism, homophobia, and sexism, and are just an excuse for comedians to be assholes. I have looked at the recent Tracy Morgan issue from the perspective of an academic, a queer person, and a comedian--and--guess what--all conclusions were the same. Now he wants to work with GLAAD--he's just trying to save his pathetic career--I for one will never support him or anything he is a part of again. Myriam will probably attend his next show--Oh well, love is about balance people--we agree to disagree and that is ok.

My birthday party is in a few short weeks. I am really excited. However, many of you have "ignored" the invite. If you are reading this blog and have yet to RSVP to my party with a yes, no, or a maybe--please do so. It's very simple people. Waiting for over 200 of you so let's go.

Will be performing my one person show here in Long Beach at the end of August. More info with dates and location will be coming soon. Myriam and I will both be performing at an event of July 9th. Here is the info--I'll let you know what time we will be on as soon as I know. AMP LGBTQIA is an AMAZING organization so stop by if you can--but don't miss my skate party:)

Saturday, July 9 at 5:00pm - July 10 at 1:00am

Dipiazza Restaurant & Lava Lounge
5205 East Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach, CA

This highly anticipated annual underground "pride" alternative event celebrates the queercore music scene, LBGTQIA artist and DIY crafters. Funds raised at CPRR support the AMP Organization's annual Queer Youth Scholarship fund to encourage young queer artists and musicians. Read more about the AMP Organization here:

Check out OC Weekly's write up on CPRR #4 here:

What: 4th Annual Cut&Paste Rock&Roll queer music & DIY art festival
When: July 9th 5pm-1am
Where: Long Beach!
Who: Rockers, Rollers, Queers and friends

Not too much else is going on right now. Myriam is officially done teaching (and unemployed thanks to Arnold.) Looking forward to a super fun and super cheap summer. Have a great day everyone and thanks for reading. Comments are really appreciated.


  1. OMG loving the Storage Wars as well! Barry W. seems like a riot to hang out with. But have you seen My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding? Now that's some fascinating shit. Watch it--TLC channel Friday nights.

    Twitter--I don't get it either. Re-tweets, #___, what does it all mean? Let me in on it when you find out...

    And I'd be happy to be a panini tester if you're making them!

  2. The Storage wars- people outbidding others just to piss them off, is so annoying to me. I like the new pawn show, that is in Detroit. You know my memory and names - but it is quite amusing. Send me panini recipes, I will test them out too. Twitter? - I can hardly text. RSVP & thanks you notes may be coming a thing of the past. Keep your chin up and find good things in life every day. Love MOM

  3. glad to hear you both are performing at the Cut and Paste festival. It's truly an awesome event!

  4. Good luck with the one person show!
    I'll be there at your birthday party!