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Friday, May 20, 2011

Recap, the Sperminator, and Guavas in the sky

I guess blogger is back up so I thought I'd post. Unfortunately, my post from last week was removed when they did maintenance so here is a recap in case you didn't get to read that one:
I got to meet Dimitri Martin (see facebook profile pic)

Myriam had a birthday. It was super fun. She is 34 now.
Myriam lost her job:( Thanks Arnold for f***ing up Cali's budget.

I think the "It gets better" campaign should be changed to the "Let's make it better" campaign. See, it doesn't get better--grown ups are also big ol bullies. More than half of the country is still against gay rights.

Gay "pride" needs to be FREE. It needs to be accessible to ALL people. Booze and sex is not pride--it's a party--and a bad one at that.

My Chapman students threw me a party--they rock.

It costs 100,000 just to have your wedding at the Huntington Botanical Gardens.

I am now a level 1 Reiki healer. If you do not know what Reiki is, you should look it up.

My mom sent me a care package. I love her a lot.

Ok--now that you are all up to speed--here is my latest post:

Two schools down and one to go!! I am very excited for next week to be over so I can begin my summer vacation.  The end of the semester is very bittersweet. I am SOOO ready for a break but, I will miss all of my students very much. I really had a good batch this semester--they were all very hardworking--well, let me take that back--they were just a good batch--a good mix of diligence, entertainment, brilliance, support, and sheer joy. Seriously. Thanks kittens for making this semester awesome for me.

What else is going on? Myriam and I are on a mission to have the funnest yet cheapest summer ever. Yesterday my students helped me make a list of free things to do. Let's just say that there are enough items on the list to keep us busy all summer long. I'm very excited about that.

Myriam and I have a guava tree in our yard. Sometimes I would come home from school and I would hear someone yell--"Hello." I'd look up and our next door neighbor would be sitting in the tree like it was the most normal thing in the world. He would always say...enyoying (yes, it says enyoying) the fruit and the weather. I honestly think those were the only words he knew in English. I'm certain that his family taught him those words so he could communicate with me why he was in my tree. Anyways--it was fine. We loved him and I was happy to see someone "enyoying" the fruit. Well, he died recently and I miss him. He was a gentle, kind, and loving man. Even though we did not speak the same language--his energy still made an impact on my life. He looked like he was maybe 70 or 75 years old and he died in his sleep. I'm certain that he is somewhere where there are many quava trees. RIP Sanchez. "Enyoy" the afterlife.

Ok-new topic. Arnold Schwarzenegger is an idiot. He is a dishonest repulsive man with no integrity at all. To fu** up the lives of his family (I love Maria Schriver) is bad enough--but he also fu**ed up California. He lied to us all. He was against gay marriage--telling me that I would hurt the moral fiber of CALIFORNIA (say it in the Arnold voice). What a joke. His lack of integrity and his narcissistic attitude have caused a lot of trouble for Californians. Tuition is so high that many students can no longer afford an education, important programs have been cut, and hundreds and hundreds of teachers (including Myriam) have lost their jobs. I never really liked him--but now he is on my list of my most despised and wicked people that hold WAY to much power, have WAY to much money, and need to keep their pants ZIPPED.

I simply cannot believe that Zsa Zsa Gabor is still alive. She is quite a fighter.

Cher is 65 years old. I do not quite know how I feel about that--it's just weird. Time really does go by super fast.

The movie Bridesmaids was amazing. Myriam believes that this film will be revolutionary. Finally we get to see REAL women who are REALLY funny dealing with REAL things. YAY!!! Even straight men will laugh. Well done indeed. I think Maya Rudolph is beautiful.

Ok--I think that is enough for today. I find that if the blog posts are too long--people do not read the whole thing. I may blog again later tonight but for now--that's it. Love you all. Comments are awesome. Oh--and if you want to leave a comment and get credit for it--just sign your name at the end. Duh!!


  1. A really cheap place to spend your summer? IOWA!!

  2. Ive been looking for a relaxing guava tree to sit yours any good ? lol

    Patrick Abraham :D

  3. BRIDESMAIDS, BRIDESMAIDS, BRIDESMAIDS!!! I haven't bought an actual DVD is probably about 2 years now, but I WILL get this one when it comes out.

  4. I still read your posts! I tried visiting you a few times too (like twice) but class was cancelled. boo.