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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The economy, random thoughts, and happy accidents

Greetings blog readers. Thanks for reading. Sometimes I start to blog and I'm really enjoying it--then I get a sinking feeling that what I am writing is stupid and that no one really cares so I stop. Yes, I realize that is kind of ridiculous since so many people tell me how much they love my blog. I've also come to the conclusion that I have to be my biggest fan. I write it for me--if others enjoy it--that's just a bonus. So there ya go. I now have an "accountabilabuddy" who is helping me stay on track and blog more often. She is starting a blog so we are supporting each other.  It's a pretty cool arrangement. Thanks Jamie Elise:)

Ok so the economy sucks. I read today that we, The United States of America, have the highest poverty rate of all industrialized nations. Over 46 million people are currently living below poverty level. I'm not sure what, but something needs to happen soon. I really don't have too much else to say about it--it's just super scary and very frustrating.

Just some thoughts:

Kevin Federline really needs to stop having children.  No one can argue against that statement. He just needs to stop.

There are far too many channels available on TV. It's sad that I actually have to pay extra just to be able to watch anything good. I'm thinking about just getting rid of the TV. Myriam would not be happy with that decision.

The memoir of Jane Lynch is probably the best memoir that I have ever read. It is a must read for anyone who likes any of the following: Glee, strong women, humor, queer issues, coming of age tales, and small town anecdotes. Basically, everyone should read it. Better yet, get it on AUDIBLE.COM and have her read it to you. After reading this book, I actually decided to write her a "fan letter" which is something that I haven't done in over 30 years. I think my last fan letter I wrote was to Michael J Fox in like 1982. The book is called Happy Accidents BTW and it kinda changed my life.

My friend Jamie recently got to feed elephants. It has always been a dream of hers to be close enough to touch one. I couldn't be happier for her. Doing things on your "bucket list" makes other people happy too. Way to go Jamie. I think next time she visits this place she gets to give one a bath.

The Tim Burton exhibit at the LACMA was unbelievable. The only thing that would have made it better is if they had more PEE WEE's BIG ADVENTURE stuff. That is Myriam's favorite movie.

Ghettopolitan moment of the week: I was in Beverly Hills and ordered a crepe. It was made with canned spinach. Yes, this seriously happened.

Myriam got a job with the district. Just 8 days before we were going to lose our benefits, she received a call from Wilson. The job is perfect for her--12-6 independent study. She still gets to write in the morning and there is no prep needed. YAY Myriam.

FYI--falling coconuts kill more people per year than sharks. Tis safer to surf than it is to hang out under a tree. Hmmm

Two of my newest heros: Bill Cunningham (photographer) and Dot Jones (Glee). You should look them up.

The new Tony Bennett Duets album is really good.

Goldie Hawn is 65 years old.

Ok--here is what is going on with my comedy. I have two shows coming up. I will be performing at the Irvine Improv on Tuesday, October 18th. I get a 15 minute spot during the 8:00 show AND another 15 minute spot during the 10:00 show. I will also be performing my latest one-person show "No Flash Required," my trashy chic take on whiteness on Wednesday, October 19th at 8:00 at DiPiazzas in Long Beach. I'm going to post the flyer for that show as soon as I get it--should be in the next couple of days.

Got my 9 month chip. I'm proud of my progress and wish only good things for others.

Ok--that's it for today.  Life is good. Looking forward to the upcoming holidays and trips. We are going to San Francisco in two weeks. I cannot wait. We really need a nice weekend away.

Thanks for reading. Love you all.


  1. I just have rabbit ears and my friend's old digital converter I got 65 some-odd tv channels for free. Unfortunately, I don't speak Tagalog, Korean, Spanish, or any of the myriad of other languages featured, but it's still entertaining.

    Also, Dot Marie Jones and Jane Lynch are rad.

    Also, also, I have heard that comparison between shark attacks and coconuts, though I believe your statement that "Surfing is safer than hanging out under trees" is flawed...historically many OTHER dangerous things occur in water!!! ;)

  2. TJ, I took your class Fall 2010 at OCC and I have read EVERY post since you started. Don't stop doing what you do because people do care :) Thanks for being such an inspiration.

    -Tanya Kohan