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Friday, September 14, 2012

GLEE recap, words of wisdom, facing another fear, and what is going on

Hello blog readers. Thank you for checking in. I'm happy to say that today's post will be a bit more upbeat than the last few.

As you all know-- the summer was overwhelming for both me and Myriam, then I fell into a bit of a depression. As depression bouts go--this was a bad one. I'm thankful to say that I am officially feeling better and that things are on the up and up. Ready? Here we go.

GLEE was amazing. The cover of "Call Me Maybe" was so bad that it was incredible. The "camp" genre never fails to disappoint. I know not all of you are Gleeks like me, so I'll keep this portion of the post brief.
1. I miss Santana and Mercedes.
2. Puck, Quinn, and Finn--yeah, I'm fine with the fact that they are gone.
3. "Kitty" is a sad substitute for Santana, but I can see myself adoring her by episode 3.
4. Rachel needs to fall in love with that hot boy at NYATA
5. Kate Hudson. I LOVE her, but do not know about her role in GLEE. We will see.
7. I love Unique and Britney.
8. Next week=BRITNEY 2.0 where the cast will do Britney Spears' songs. One of my students is in next weeks episode. I think it's gonna be great.
9. Last night I laughed, I cried, I cheered. Well done.
10. GLEE!!


Ok--on to new business. Well, the last few weeks were a bit trying for me. I was having some medical issues that pretty much scared me to death. Long story short--headaches, loss of vision, dizziness, balance problems, numbness on one side of my body, and uncontrollable twitching. I of course went to WEB MD and freaked myself out. I finally decided to go to the Dr. After a number of tests and a lengthly conversation with my Dr--she voiced her concerns. She said that I needed to get an MRI immediately and did not hesitate in telling me that this might very well be brain related--i.e.......tumor. Several thoughts ran through my mind including:
How will I tell people?
This will be quite interesting as far as the documentary goes. It could be a goldmine for tinysuperstars inc.
I need to get stuff in order.
Yada Yada Yada.........I couldn't eat, sleep, was crazy.

Here it is--the results are in:

My hip was dislocated and one of my ribs had somehow moved out of place. I've been "straightened out" so to speak, and now I am pretty much back to normal. I'm not dying.

So---the medical issues along with the stress of dealing with 7 friend/family deaths in 5 months, making a documentary, trying to change careers then deciding not to, having to turn down being on the Ellen show, and adopting a lizard who is the size of a toddler probably contributed to my depression, lack of motivation, and overall sense of doom. Thank you all for your patience and for your love and support. I'm grateful to be back with "the living."

Here is what else is going on:

1. I've been asked to host and produce shows at both the Irvine and Brea Improv. This is a huge opportunity and I'm looking very forward to it. Also--$$ is involved which makes it even cooler.

2.  I've been working on creating a curriculum for Japanese college students who are interested in learning about American culture. This course will be taught by me in the spring. I'll post the brochure when it's ready. Fun Opportunities Abroad is taking this proposal to Japan next month. They will love me.

3. Gonna be catering a wedding for a friend. They love bacon and cheese and potatoes.

4. I'll be opening for Justin Tranz next month. He is a world famous hypnotist. The two of us will be performing at the irvine Improv on Saturday, Sept 29th at 11:00p.m. I will also be at the Laugh Factory on Wednesday, Sept 19th at 8:00.

5. My nephews are pretty much ruling the football field, and I am very proud of them.

6. My latest project involves colleges and universities, comedy, controversial topics, and taking education of race, class, and gender to a whole new level. Oh--and I have a pretty rad P.I.C. (partner in crime.) Look for more details on this very exciting adventure.

7. Bridget and I are still on "break" and I miss her very much. Several of you have emailed me about the film, and I'm really happy that everyone is so excited. All I can say is--it will be worth the wait. We went through a lot to get to the point of post production. I'll be back to posting on tinysuperstars in late October. Making the film has already been life changing for me. I'm proud to have been a part of this project.

8. Myriam has several readings coming up. Also--her blog "lesbrain" is amazing. We have officially begun the planning process for our 15 year anniversary party. It'll be next summer. There will be performers and sno cones. BTW I consider myself to be the luckiest person in the world because of my relationship with Myriam. Just thought you'd all like to know that.

All is well. Thanks for reading. Be back soon.


  1. YOU TURNED DOWN ELLEN!!!!!!!?????????????
    I honestly dont know what to say to that or whether I should just smack you now or throw you over the railing into a snake pit.
    I love you anyways.

    Also - if you ever need info on Brain Tumors - COME TO THE MASTER. MASTER BLAINE TAHT IS :)

    Love You and if you EVER need to talk - HIT ME UP

    Love Your Awesomely Gay Cousin Blaine

    1. I love you too. Had to turn down Ellen because my appearance was contingent on the film. I'll be on the show eventually--it just wasn't fair to Bridget:)

  2. You rock Teeeeeeejie! Wish I was a Japanese college student! Your class sounds amazing! I'm so glad you're doing awesome! <3

  3. You down with P.I.C?? Yeah, you KNOW ME;-)