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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Update, honoring those we lost, stores that need new names, and some other cool stuff

Let me just start off by saying that I am truly amazed with the number of peeps who read my blog. When I disappear for a hot minute--everyone starts messaging me wondering when I'm going to post. I really don't think that I have much to say, but since y'all seem to like it--here it is:

In the last two weeks I've had three more deaths in my life. 9 deaths of family members and friends in nine months has made this year pretty rough. Sadly, I will inevitably lose another one before the weeks end. I'm feeling sad, nostalgic, inspired, and a little scared. Life is short. My biggest fear has always been dying all alone. Ya know--no one knows, no one cares, no one will come to pay respects--the whole thing. People tell me that I am silly, but it is a very real fear. We all want to make some kind of "mark" on this planet--to be remembered for the good--and frankly, we all want to be missed. The only thing I can do is just carry on with life, offer what I can, and do my best. Quick shout out to those we (Myriam and I) lost this year:

Ricardo Serrano, Maria Luisa Arcelia Serrano, Tatiana De La Tierra, Mel Valentine, Alvin Krogh, Alan King, Yelsin Orge, and Sam Gerloff.

Papa O

Uncle Alvin
Sam In between his parents Bonnie and Dennis

Myriam's Grandmother



Ok--now I shall move on to a few topics that are a bit more light hearted.......politics and religion. JUST KIDDING!

The new Joan Rivers book I Hate Everyone Starting With Me is brilliant. I purchased the audio version from I prefer the audio version of celebrity memoirs because the celebrity actually reads the book. If you need a good laugh--I highly recommend listening to Ms Rivers rant about what she hates. You'll love it!

I cannot believe the show Pawn Stars is still on the air. Chumlee needs his own show--he is the reason Pawn Stars is still on. No one likes "Big Hoss", or Rick, or "The Old Man"--they are just three arrogant fat bastards who threat each other like crap and pretend to know everything about everything. I'd like to find one person who watches the show because of those three morons. Chumlee is the man.



Most of you who know me know that I am not a fan of Huntington Beach, CA. Not only is HB the American capitol of hate crimes against LGBT--it's also.......well........nevermind. I just do not like it. Today I was in Huntington Beach for a meeting when I heard someone yelling at me from a pickup truck. I cringed and waited for the derogatory slur that was inevitable. To my dismay--the next words from the "dudes" were--your name is TJ, right? Yes. Saw you at a show--you are hilarious! Skeet skeet skeet! Then they gave me the "rock on" sign and drove away. I'm not gonna lie--I liked it. Felt pretty good especially since I had braced myself for some bashing! Thanks dudes. Keep coming to my shows.

There are several businesses that need a name change. Here is a list of ten of them!

1. 24 Hour Fitness
Guess what? If you are not open 24 hours--then you shouldn't be allowed to say that you are.

2. BJ's
Do I even need to say why? Apparently they don't want any lesbians to frequent their establishment. Who gives a rat's ass about the pizookie? I can make a big ass cookie at home.

3. Nothing but Socks
Um.....they also sell hair things and cheap jewelry.

4. Trader Joes
I've tried to barter there--they do not allow it--so the "trader" part should be eliminated immediately.

5. Planned Parenthood
A lot of people who go there didn't plan ahead so there

6. In n Out Burger
Because the burgers are so amazing--no one is EVER just in n out. It's 90% waiting--so in wait and out would be better.

7. Old Skool Yogurt (it's by my house)
There is nothing and I mean nothing about yogurt being "old school." Trying to spell skool more gangsta' makes it even weirder. Gangstas eat ice cream--not yogurt

8. Jack in the Box
I like it and think the name is kind of clever, but when someone who is ESL works the drive thru window--they always say "Welcome to YAK in the box may I take your order?" Um.......Yak? Yeah--never mind. Now I'm picturing throw up and that is the most unappetizing thing in the world.

9. Buffalo Exchange
They never take ANYTHING so there is no exchanging about it. BTW--being a buyer at B.E. is the most powerful job a hipster can have.

10. The Dress Barn
Why would anyone go into a place called the Dress Barn?

I have more, but I'll leave it at 10 for today.

Thy have remade the movie Steel Magnolias with an all black cast. The premiere is October 7th on LIFETIME. I cannot wait. Here is the trailer.

Steel Magnolias Trailer

My comedy is going well and so is this semester of teaching. As soon as I get back to being 100% health wise--I think things will be even better. I'll be at Flapper's Comedy Club on Thursday and at The Irvine Improv on Saturday. I'm working on a cool new project with Wendy Ho, and I'm super stoked about it's potential and the fact that I get to work "wif my boo on the regular. "I'm also getting ready to produce some great comedy shows in Long Beach, Orange County, and L.A. First show will be in October so watch out for information on that. As far as the film "The Artist Formally Known as Trina" goes--everything is pretty up in the air. I'll probably have a better sense about the status of that project before the end of the year, and I promise to keep you all posted. Several of you have written to me about said project. All I can say is that patience will prevail and it will all work out the way it's supposed to.

There should be a law stating that Christmas music cannot be played until after Thanksgiving. I mean it.

I'll leave you with a song by The White Buffalo. This song reminds me of growing up in the country and it makes me think about the awesome times I had with my little brother. I post it today in honor of Sam Gerloff--who also grew up in the country. Sam had 4 siblings and I'm sure they all share fond memories of BB guns and dirtbikes. I send the whole Gerloff family my love. Tomorrow is Sam's funeral and I really wish I could be there to support Bonnie and Dennis as they bury their young son. That has to be the most painful thing in the world. Godspeed, Sam.

BB Guns and Dirtbikes

I'll be back soon. TJ


  1. Adrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrianota TosteeeeedSeptember 25, 2012 at 8:51 PM

    I love your photos of your close ones that passed, your angels. Such beautiful, loved souls that are resting in paradise.
    You should shed your fears about death. You've affected so many people in such wonderful and immeasurable ways. You are so adored!

    I'm so going to check out!

    Those HB dudes, know the real deal. You Fucking rock Teejie Louhooo!

    I LOVED your business name list! FUCKING HILARIOUS!!! I can't wait for more! More everything! More business lists, more lists, more blog, MORE TJ!!!!!!

  2. Hilarious, as usual. I especially love the changing business name list. MORE PLEASE!

    Totally agree about the Christmas music and don't forget the decorations either. They both start WAY too early. I was also annoyed to see Halloween decorations up while it is still September. Also, not right.

    Love your blog! =)

  3. sorry to hear again about your peeps you lost. As for 24 hrs fitness, 90% are open 24 hours a day, only ones that are not because they are near residential areas I believe what I was told when I used to work there. Keep on the blogs, I need to catch up. Keep it G TJ.