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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

4 Months Later, What Now, and That's it

It's been over 4 months since my last post--guess I better get back on track with my blog.  Here is what's been going on:
Had a great Thanksgiving--best "redo" ever for me and Myriam
Had an amazing Christmas
Had a pretty good New Years--except I celebrated it ECS (East Coast Style) and went to bed at 9:01 PST. M and I both got the flu while we were vacationing in San Francisco
Performed 3 shows at The Irvine Improv--each one was EPIC!
Performed a show at The Laugh Factory--was on the same bill as Wendy Ho--nothing more needs to be said.
Performed about thirty other shows with other comics--not as epic but still fun
Performed 2 sold out one person shows--those worked out well but are quite hard to do.
Left OCC, Chapman, and CSULB--I am only working at one school and this is my last semester.
Went to Big Bear for the first time. Myriam OD'd on antihistamines but she's ok.
My nephew Moshe turned one and my nephew Connor turned 14.
Myriam got ANOTHER pink slip--she is sick of being an educational booty call.
My mom came for a visit--we had a really nice time. The weather was perfect for her.
I got my one year chip--that was pretty sweet.
I officially fully recovered from my mid life crisis though sometimes I feel like I'm starting another. Is that possible?

Ok--now you are up to speed with my life--here is what's going on now:
I'm currently working on a comedy show that I will perform in IOWA on the eve of my 41st birthday. It's pretty intense, but I'm having fun doing it. Looks like my show is going to sell out both nights--400 tickets total so that's something to be proud of. People from my past like classmates, former teachers, and others are actually planning their summer vacation around my show. Yeah--no pressure.

The show itself is a big deal--but you know me--big isn't enough--I have to go a few steps beyond big, so I'm also working on a documentary about the show. I'm working with Bridget Najoir who is brilliant. She's pretty badass and super legit. I have found that being vulnerable on this level is pretty difficult and very emotionally taxing. It will totally be worth it though, and following thru on this project with Bridget will only bring good things to us both. She is in for a helluva ride though--ha.

Ok--well that's it for today. Just wanted to catch you all up. Please watch for info about the documentary on your FB or in your email. Also--if you are in IOWA and want to come to the show on June 29th or June 30th--keep your eyes open for updates about tickets. I know it's hard to leave comments on this blog page, so please message or call me with any questions. I hope you've enjoyed my post and I look forward to blogging again very soon.

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  1. Damn! How many pink slips has Myriam gotten by now? How did we end up with empty bank vaults that can't afford teachers? Was the money that would've otherwise paid for education wantonly squandered or maliciously secreted?