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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Oscars, observations, and I am

Happy Monday. Weekend was good--so glad the weather was nice

Alright- I'm gonna start by talking about the Oscars. They are SOOOOO overrated. Does anybody really care? Most people watching them haven't even seen the majority of the movies that are up for awards. The show should take about an hour but it always takes at least 3 and 1/2. What a waste of time. I heard on NPR that over 1 billion people tune in for the big night. Seems silly to me. Growing up in Iowa I did used to love watching the Oscars--dreaming of the glitz and glamor--even though I never got to see any of the movies. Of course now I live in Southern Cali and I have been to the Oscars--up close and personal--not that big of a deal people. I promise. I do have some good stories though after working at the Kodak theatre for a number of years:)

Now--let's talk about the movies. Some of them were great but others were just too artsy and annoying. Oh and that movie The Kids are Alright was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. How oh how can that be seen as one of the years best? My two favorite movies from last year were Machete and Easy A. Now those both deserved some recognition. Whatever. Moving on.

Here are a few things that I think are underrated and some more that I think are overrated:

1. Poached eggs
2. Iowa
3. Casseroles
4. 12 Step programs
5. Roller Skating
6. Journaling
7. Music on Vinyl

1. PF Chang's
2. Pro Basketball
3. Fancy Martinis
4. The Office
5. Will Ferrell
6. Eat Pray Love
7. Dane Cook

Just some observations.

Recently, I had all of my students write and share an I am poem. They were really good. It's a fun exercise and I recommend it to everyone. I even did one to share with the classes. Here is mine:
I am TJ
I am 39 and 1/2
I am a comedian and I am hilarious
I am a college professor and am very good at that job
I am white and am from a working class family
I am female and I am male
I am masculine and I am feminine
I am queer in every way
I am a child at heart
I am an academic nerd and a pop culture fanatic
I am a friend to most animals--just not reptiles
I am in a long term relationship
I am in a recovery program
I am a member of the NRA and the ACLU
I am a bleeding heart liberal
I am a Buddhist
I am a pot smoker
I am a chef, a noted cheese expert, and a certified bbq judge
I am a huge fan of Sesame Street
I am a blogger
I am white trash chic-ghettopolitan
I am empathetic-sometimes to a fault
I am afraid of snakes, ghosts, aliens, flying, and failure
I am a lover of hip hop but not R+B
I am a performer and a storyteller
I am a fan of haiku and roller derby
I am wise and kind of a baller with the ladies
I am a prison pen pal and an advocate for social justice
I am unique, awesome, and fun
I am TJ and I'm 39 and 1/2

Ok--yeah-you should all do one. That's it for now. Thanks for reading everyone. It's gonna be a great week. I can feel it.


  1. the osars are overated i just watch the highlights on youtube, and there weren't that interesting, butg i do like the formal dresses and suits :)

    anndddd Will Ferrel IS overrated

  2. mean to tell me that Lesbians aren't just waiting for the "right man" to come along? Wow! Hollywood, you've lied to me for the last time!

  3. I dig that poem!

  4. yay for buddhist!!!! p.s.......... p.f. changs not overrated... and vinyl wayyyyyyy underrated...

    also welcome back to me... i'm catching up. i've read them all... but i'm too tired to comment on each and everyone. sorry i've failed as a fan but it was wonderful to see you on saturday :)