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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Republican ribs,breaking a vegan cleanse, and Cornel West's Wednesday, Feb 9th and I'm feeling really good. Haven't felt this good in months---so it's kinda awesome to be having such a great day. I feel like it's a sign of things to come and that makes me really happy and grateful. Today's blog is for Erin Bartoleme. Erin has been a constant supporter of me. She is an amazing, quirky, fun, positive, selfless person and I'd really like to spend more time with her. I think she may be magical if you rub her head. Ok Erin.....this one is for you!! Thanks for making this world a better place.

The Super Bowl was pretty cool. I went to my friend Jamie's house which was great.  We all ate an obnoxious amount of food. In fact, I am still eating the leftovers. Brian (who is Jamie's other half) made some of the best ribs that I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. As many of you know, I am a certified bbq judge---I know what a good rib is--- and I can honestly say that the ribs Brian Wiles makes are right up there with the best of the best. Not bad considering he's a Republican:)

Ok...anyways...the Super Bowl was fun. LOVED the EMINEM commercials. Made me want to go buy one of those cars and move back to Detroit. A lot of people are saying that the halftime show sucked. Um, I beg to differ. I loved it. The Black Eyed Peas had so much energy, there were hundreds of people wearing GLOW SUITS which was awesome, AND Slash made an appearance. Slash!!! It felt like Christmas morning. Oh and I thought Fergie did a great job singing Sweet Child O' Mine. It was very Ghettopolitan and I loved it. Stop hating on it's called entertainment. Oh and Way to go Packers. Never underestimate the power of the Midwest.

Had lunch with my friend Jessie on Monday. We had a blast. She's one of those fiesty yet laid back people. She'd make an awesome lawyer by bein all mellow while she kicked people's asses in court. Jessie is waiting to hear from Berkeley about fall. Send good vibes her way. So Jessie had just come off of a week long vegan cleanse...which to me sounds terrifying.....but nonetheless it's what she does. I decided  the best way to break a vegan cleanse was to take her for a pepperoni pizza. She loved it of course. We split the pizza, sipped diet cokes, and pondered life's biggest questions. It was a great day.

Ok... so I am a huge fan of Cornel West. He's a philosopher, author, professor, and civil rights activist among many other things. Anyways.....I own all of his lectures and have read many of his books. I find him fascinating. He was at CSULB last week and I missed it:( I didn't even know that he was coming. If anyone has a video of his appearance please let me know. I cannot believe that I missed an opportunity to see him. I gotta get on the ball cuz that cannot happen again. Yes, I know that I am a huge nerd.

Rainn Wilson from "The Office" was at Chapman on Monday. He is the author of the book Soul Pancake---which is an awesome book about self discovery. I recommend it to everyone. Anyways...he was at Chapman and I stopped in for a few minutes to check out his talk. It was really cool. You all should really check out the book. If you are open to being honest with yourself and open to your own creativity then it can be life-changing.

OK..that's it for now. I have a lot more to say but I think I'll blog again later tonight. Look for it!! Have a great day everyone and thanks for not giving up on me. 8,000+ hits is awesome. I'm so glad I'm finally starting to feel like myself again. Some advice.....never give more than you can afford to lose. It takes a long ass time to get it back and it's never worth what you thought it would be. Oh and also.......never mind....I'll share it later. Comments people.....come on.


  1. So glad your getting back to yourself!! Ironically as I am reading your blog Sweet Child of Mine starts know me - still love that old redneck music!!

    I LOVE Cornell West. Not only have I had to opporunity to hear him speak, we have had him participate in events that we have sponsored. Next time he is in Iowa I let you know!!

    Becky Johnson

  2. Dude TJ, you just made my day! :) Keep on keepin' on!