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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Glee, doc info, the sadness of leaving the classroom, and fifteen random things I noticed this week.

Hey followers of GHETTOPOLITAN. Thanks for checking in.

I trust that you all watched Glee? I was super stoked to finally have it back--but it wasn't my favorite episode. WHERE WERE BRITTANY AND SANTANA? Oh--and Quinn and Artie singing "I'm Still Standing" in wheelchairs. It's that whole "limitless" thing that annoys me. They never got solos or duets--now that they are both in wheelchairs--they get to sing. I don't think so. Although NENE LEAKES+ SUE SYLVESTER= PERFECTION and Artie's tractor sweater was pretty rad. Either way--I'm glad it's back.

I have a few cool things coming up. I'll be on Duke Fightmaster's podcast on April 20th. We record it this Friday. Go to ITUNES and subscribe--it's free.  On Tuesday, April 24th I will be performing at the Irvine Improv. Please let me know if you still need tickets. I'll put you on my guest list. Bridget and Scott will also be there filming for the documentary. If you would like to be interviewed for this amazing project--PLEASE email Don't miss out. Friends, former and current students, and family are all invited to participate. Also--don't forget to check out the documentary blog at This film is a pretty big deal so I really need and appreciate your support.

Pizza Hut is trying a new product. It's a hot dog stuffed crust pizza. That might just be the most ridiculously amazing thing in the world. I will never eat one--because I have a little bit of self respect but if I am ever on death row or I know I'm about to die--that will be my last meal.

I only have about five weeks left of teaching and that makes me super sad. I will really miss being in the classroom. Some people ask me why I don't just do both--meaning teach and do comedy. The answer to that is this: in order to make a living as a comedian/storyteller/all around badass.....I am going to need to travel a bit. Teaching takes up a lot of time and energy and even though I love it--I need to be focused on one thing for awhile. It's the right decision--now I just need to make it work. Y'all better come to my shows and stuff.

Let's see--what else is going on. Myriam is visiting her family this week in Santa maria so I have the house to myself. Party information will be sent out soon. LOL. I'm just gonna hang out with some friends and do some writing. I do have a photo shoot on Friday. I'm REALLY excited about that. I'll post the pics as soon as I get them.

Ok--I feel like this post is kind of boring so I'll leave you with some interesting headlines, quotes, and observations that I've come across this week.
1. There are now cheese flavored animal crackers and they are delicious
2. A recent study was done regarding the movie Titanic and more than 50% of the people interviewed did NOT know it was a real ship. That scares me.
3. "Truck balls" are the most ridiculous thing ever made. If you do not know what I am talking about--please look them up.
4. About half of the good ol U.S.A. is pissed right now because their next President will be either black or Mormon. I still think Judge Judy would do an amazing job.
5. Ice cream really is amazing.
6. A person can never own too many sweater vests
7. There has never been a better time than now to make someone's day better.
8. Broccoli stinks
9. Do poppy seeds even have a flavor or are they just put in things. Do they serve a positive purpose at all?
10. If you dance e'er day--your life will be awesome.
11. The group fun. reminds me of The Muppets.
12. The fact that Elton John and Flava Flav are in a commercial together is a sure sign that the world is about to end.
13. Tap dancers are totally underrated
14. The sloth is the cutest animal ever. BTW--the autotune version of Kristin Bell's sloth meltdown might be the coolest thing ever.
15. Anyone and I mean anyone who makes comments on yahoo after reading the stories needs to seriously get a life.

That's it for today y'all. Thanks for the love. Right back atcha.

Bow ties and teardrops!! Gayngsta



  1. Wait...Quinn's alive...LAAAAAAME! Also, I need that hotdog crust pizza in my belly NOW!

    1. Yep but now she's in a wheelchair--stupid! The hotdog crust is being tested right now in England. They eat weird stuff so I'm sure it will make its way over here very soon.

  2. TJ you're hilarious! Cant wait to catch one of your shows!

  3. totally agree with you about GLEE!!! I was very upset by it!! the best part was totally Artie's tracker sweater!

    PS broccoli is the worst thing in the world!! the fact that it has a horrible smell makes it border line cruel and unusual punishment when made in small dwellings!!

  4. Truck balls are so nasty! I don't watch GLEE. I don't know why. I guess I put gays to shame. Oh well. Can't wait for your may show!

  5. I always say eating raw broccoli is like eating weeds. Yuk!

  6. I always say eating raw broccoli is like eating weeds. Yuk!

  7. I always say eating raw broccoli is like eating weeds. Yuk!