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Monday, April 9, 2012

logos vs pathos, the return of glee, S,K,&M, and 10 things I want

Hey ghettopolitan readers. Thanks for the love. All is well in the LBC.

I'm sure you all already know this but I am the subject of a documentary and it's really exciting. Bridget (the film maker) and I have a blog about our moviemaking adventures so please check it out at Quick shout out to Bridget who will be going to Coachella in a few days--have fun and be safe.

The documentary is going pretty well. The only thing that has been really difficult is that Bridget and I are friends and so--we are trying to find a good evenness between personal and professional. It's tricky. For one--B is very logical--she's practical and keeps emotions out of things. Ha--for me I thrive on emotions and just assume the logistics will fall into place. Another tricky thing has been that it is hard for me to view my life as a project while Bridget finds it hard to view a project as her life--so we are getting it figured out on a daily basis. We are taking a break this week from the film so hopefully after B's vacation and my whatever--we can just get right back into all that amazing madness. I'm an intense person--I sure everyone can vouch for that and sometimes that can be a bit much for people to take--we are getting it though-----and I'm still certain that she is the one who is supposed to be doing this project.

I have officially found a lil balance after two intense weeks of life. I feel like March and April have been a str8 up roller coaster ride and someone forget to tell me to buckle up. I'm just gonna chill a lot this week and get back on track physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Myriam is going up to Santa Maria for the week so I can watch as many episodes of Golden Girls as I want. That's right. GLEE is also FINALLY returning tomorrow too--so that's like the best thing ever.

I'm working on a stage persona right now. I think performers need some way to differentiate who they are on stage and who they are in real life. I think that is the only way to truly stay sane. Mine is gayngsta (gay gangsta) and I'm having a really great time with it so far. Having some photos taken this week with that persona. I'm callin it Bowties, graffiti, and teardrops. Should be pretty epic.

I only have six weeks left of teaching. I am really really going to miss it and truly hope that I have made the correct decision to leave. I've had about 2,000 students in the past 6 years and I can honestly say that I remember almost each and every one. Tons of them have remained in touch and I'm sure more will continue to do that. Today I took my public speaking class for ice cream. It was an amazing day. It's one of those days that I know they will never forget.

Quick request if I could. Three of my dearest and closest friends are going through some serious stuff right now. One is battling cancer, one is dealing with her father's terminal illness, and one is beginning the divorce process. I will call them K, S, and M to protect their anonymity. Please send love, higher power shout outs, reiki, and good energy their way. Please and thank you! I love them all very very much and am hopeful that they can find true peace during these difficult times.

Ok--so I love the New Dr Pepper commercial. I mean I seriously love it. It makes me want to drink their soda.

I got a "sponsor" to give their clothes for my shows and for the documentary and I'm super stoked. It's a clothing line that I frickin love and can't afford--so this is a real blessing. You'll see pictures soon. If anyone has any hook ups for sweet mens clothes--hit me up--and we will talk. Trying to be stylish is super expensive. I'm a baller on a budget so any donations would be AWESOME!!

10 things I'd like to have before the end of the year
1. A Banjolele
2. The Igot5onit shirt from Threadless (size small)
3. The New Muppet Movie
4. Beats by Dre
5. Tatoo
6. 10 PAID comedy gigs
7. Some cool suspenders
8. An appearance on TV
9. ABS
10. 3 new pair of ballin kicks

I don't think that's too much to ask for.

That's all I have for today. I'll post again on Wedesday. I appreciate all of your support. I really do.
Deuces and one love. Teej


  1. TJ! I loved this entry!

    TJ Huberg
    [tee jay, hue berg]
    1. A kick ass, Infinitely cool, Über awesome, radical to the extreme, incredible person who resides in the LBC and is married to a literary Bad Ass!

  2. You got a clothes sponsor? That's amazing!!!! Sorry I've been MIA lately, my life has been crazy busy. If you still need any style advice, you know I'm always willing to help! :)


  3. what kind of tat you want to get?

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