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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 2--so far so good--just not too exciting yet.

All right Jackie. This one is for you.

Jackie is my awesome cousin. We grew up together and I think she is the bees knees. She is a fast walker and a fast talker. She is a mother of three, loves sweets, plays the violin, reads A LOT, thinks Hillary Clinton is the bomb, is an artist, and laughs at my jokes. We once had matching ponchos.

Daily Haiku:

Midwestern salads
All contain one of two things
Mayo or Jello

OK--interesting day today. Saw Meg Whitman at Chick Fil A, bought two sweater vests at Macy's, had dinner with the in-laws, and well--I guess it wasn't all that interesting. It was fun though--except for seeing Meg Whitman of course. She is evil.
A few people have asked me what is going on with my comedy career so here it is in a nutshell: Since age 4 I have wanted to be a comedian. I'll be 40 this year so I figured it was about time that I chased my dreams. I've been a chef, a college professor, and about a thousand other things, and though I know I am successful--my true calling is comedy. This will be my final year teaching. I have begun the comedy journey by performing wherever I can. I have already won first prize in my first competition. In one years time my goal is to be making a living by doing what I was born to do. I am looking very forward to the journey. I am looking for testimonials so if you think I'll be a good comedian--send me a blurb about why you think I'm funny or why you think I'll be successful and I'll post it on my resume.

Not too much else going on yet. I do have a question to pose though: How old is too old for trick or treating? My students actually had a heated debate about it today.

Please send your comments and questions so I can delve deeper into the blog. What do you all want to read about? Jackie--I know you are reading this--what would you like to see on future blogs? Thanks for reading folks.

Tomorrow's blog will be dedicated to Sue Menke.

1 comment:

  1. Hi TJ, By the time you get to 7th grade it is time to give up the trick or treat. It is a tough age as too old for kiddy activities but not old enough for high school activities. Here in Cleveland, TN they have Halloween activites on Main Street with many activities (games, music, prizes, etc.) for all age groups. Also many churches have Halloween activities for the children. Much safer than going door-to-door. I sure had fun going trick or treating in Allison when I was young. Now I'm just "young at heart". Good luck with your comedy career. Better than saying "I wish I had....". Go for it! Love your blog. Look forward to reading each post. Linda