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Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't hate cuz I'm late

All right. Today's blog is for Sue Meinke. Sue is a friend of mine from high school. We go WAY back. She sold me my first car--a mustang. We ran track together, partied way too much, and I think of her often. I believe she lives in Texas now and is very accomplished as a mother, a human being and in many other things.. WORD.

Ok-I did not forget to blog yesterday. I simply laid down to take a nap at around 6 pm and woke up this morning. Oops. Either way--here I am. I love the extra hour that we get but I really hate that it gets dark so early. Yesterday was truly a ghettopolitan day. After my girlfriend Myriam and I gave our rabbit a bath in the kitchen sink we went shopping in Orange County. More sweater vests, some new shoes, and bath products. Oh and Myriam got some sweet MC Hammer pants. Oh and Fashion Island is the whitest mall I think I have ever seen. Even though we spent a few hundred dollars in Macy's the cashier still asked Myriam (my mexican partner) what she was doing all the way over here. HA! I thought Beverly Hills was pretentious but no....the OC takes the cake. Also--I think 90% of the people we saw had either a small dog (with them in the mall) or recent plastic surgery. Some had both. Don't get me wrong--I love the OC. Many of my students live there--it's just a really weird place. 

I love the movie Marci X. It's really stupid but it makes me laugh ALOT.

Ok--I've decided that in this blog I'll tell you all a little bit more about myself. Some of you know me very well--some of you not at all so I'll give you a few basics then you can tell me what else you want to know.

I am from IOWA. I am 39. I am queer in about every sense. I have been with my partner Myriam for 12 years. Her website is

Religious views: There is a place for me in the afterlife. I have a Christian background, am a certified Kosher chef, and consider myself very Buddhist.

Political views: Well I am about as left as a person can get. Some people call people like me "bleeding hearts." That's great. I am compassionate and believe that everyone deserves equal opportunities in life.  I think that there are more lazy rich people than lazy poor people. I'd like to see more balance. I think I'm a liberal Democrat with socialist tendencies. I am a member of the NRA and the ACLU so figure that one out.

Here are a few things that I hate: Cilantro, apathy, Will Ferrell, most cats, and camping
Here are a few things that I love: Fried chicken, informative debates, Sandra Bullock, weiner dogs, and The Four Seasons
Biggest fears: snakes and flying. Needless to say--I did not see the award winning film Snakes on a Plane.
Biggest regret: None. Everything in my life has happened for a reason
First hero: The Fonz
I'll post again tonight. More info about me and a few haiku. Thanks for reading.

1 comment:

  1. haha fashion island really is the whitest mall
    i went trick or treating with my little sister this year, i brought a bag too since i figured that me being the older sibling and watching over her entitled me to some candy, shes 4
    most ppl just gave me candy out of pity i think but i still managed to fill a second bag
    some of the only benefits of having a baby sister i suppose