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Monday, November 15, 2010

Even God took a day off

Hello everyone. I cannot believe how many emails I received just because I missed a few days blogging. At least I know that you all are enjoying Ghettopolitan. I have not felt very well which is why I missed Saturday and Sunday but I'm back now so read on. I am proud to announce that since this blog began a little over a week ago I have had over 1,000 views (not including my own of course). Thanks for reading.

Today's post is for Jessica Hardy. She was one of my first  blog followers  and one of my first students:) I love Jessica. For those of you who do not recognize her name--Jessica is a swimmer. Please check out her website Not only does she hold 3 world records, she also has had to fight back from false allegations regarding steroid use. I am proud to say that she has been cleared of all charges and is making quite the comeback. She is an inspiration in so many ways and I am one of her biggest fans. JESSICA ROCKS!!

Ok-so with me--not much is happening. The last few days have been kind of rough but I think I'm getting back on track. I am really ready for Thanksgiving break. Since not much is happening I thought I'd answer a few more questions about myself. A few people sent some in so here ya go:

My real name is Trina Jo. That is what the TJ stands for. Everyone in my family still calls me Trina but everyone else knows me as TJ. I guess it's kind of like a second persona.

Some of the charastics that I like about myself are: my humor, my ability to be empathetic, my loyalty, my optimism, and my desire to stay young at heart.

Some traits about myself that I don't really care for are: my amazing ability to procrastinate, my fear of rejection, my lack of organization, my addictive personality, and the fact that I am really hard on myself.

I am trying really hard to like cats. I think I'm coming around. One cat in particular was quite nice and comforting to me today. I love that cat and my friend Melissa's cat so I guess some cat's are ok.

5 things I love: Sesame Street, Documentaries, Bubble Baths, Cheese Pizza, and Def Leppard
5 things I don't much care for: The Family Guy, Horror Films, mud baths, Peeps, and Ke$ha (I'm kind of over her)

Was going to get a McRib today but my ulcers would not hear of it. Does anyone know how long they are back for?

A friend of mine was drinking diet mountain dew today and I pointed out that diet mountain dew is kind of a white trash drink. That's not a bad thing--it's a good thing so if you drink diet mountain dew then you are awesome. Her response was--"um they sell it in Orange County" to which I replied "The OC is white trash--they just have more money." Secretly I think she liked that comment and secretly I think she likes being white trash with money.

Alright that's all that I have for today. I teach tomorrow from 8am to 10pm so I'm off to bed.
My goal for tomorrow is patience.


  1. Hey Cuz,

    Hope your feeling better. I love your blogs. Then again, I love you in general so its kind of a given.
    Your characteristics (both good and bad) are spot on. I can totally relate to your fear of rejection and being overly hard on yourself. You know me, Im way to anal about everything and always have to be a perfectionist and organized.
    Was so glad to see you put Ke$ha on your list - I cant stand her. She's a one note Madonna/Lady Gaga/Superstar wannabe.
    Anyways, I wont ramble. Keep the posts coming when you can. I knew your blog would be a big hit - as well as your comedy so stop worrying about 'failure' because THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

    Love You


  2. "Was going to get a McRib today but my ulcers would not hear of it. Does anyone know how long they are back for?"

    Seriously TJ?! ahahaahAHAHA why are you so hilarious!?

    Ke$ha?!!?! LOL!!!!


  3. do you mean Peeps as in the Easter Peeps? i love peeps, my favorite part of Easter. I don't really care for all the other peeps they make for the rest of the holidays though.

  4. Good job TJ...keep working on your cat issues.