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Friday, April 22, 2011

Forbidden speech topics, books, Is that Aretha or....

I think it's odd that we call today "good Friday." Isn't this supposed to be the day Christ DIED? And then we call that cool day of shopping after Thanksgiving "black Friday." What's black about it? They should be switched. BTW--yes, I know we call it good Friday because ye ol' JC died for us, and that's "good." And, yes I know we call the other one black Friday because it's the day most companies get out of the red and into the black financially. Most people don't know that so...I still think it's odd.

Saw HOP again today with Myriam. She loved it. Is there a soundtrack for that film cuz if there is, I'd like to get it. I really enjoyed all of the music.

This week I heard some of the best speeches ever in my public speaking class. Thanks everyone for working so hard. My students are pretty great. Today I actually held an "optional"lecture/class and 21 people showed up:) I couldn't believe it.

I have a very short list of speech topics that are off limits. After this week, I have added to more. Here is the list just in case you are curious:
1. NO BOARD SPEECHES i.e. snowboard, surfboard, wakeboard, skateboard, etc. It's not that I have anything against these boards or the people that ride on them--it's just that I live in Southern Cali so I've already heard about 100 of these speeches. I just cannot hear another one.

2. No abortion. The reason for this is: someone always cries or storms out of the room. It's not worth it.
3. No death penalty.
4. Do NOT try to save our souls? I once had a student do a persuasive speech where they had an "alter call" at the end.  He wanted us all to come forward and accept Jesus as our personal savior. This student said that if each of us did not come forward--we would burn in hell. A Jewish student freaked out and another student told the speaker to fuck off.  It was not at all productive.
Here are the two that I had to add this week:
1. How to put in contact lenses. Um...I nearly threw up. It's weird I know, I just cannot watch someone touch his or her eye. I have never tried contacts simply because the thought of touching my own eye makes me weak in the knees.
2. How to test your blood sugar. know how I am with needles and blood. Let's just say it's hard to grade a speech when you are passed out on the floor. LOL.

Let's see.....what else is going on? It's so great having Myriam home. She enjoyed the tour but is really happy to be back in LBC. Tomorrow is the L.A. Grilled Cheeses Invitational. It's also the L.A. Galaxy game. Oh, and I have to teach in the morning. Busy day I guess.

Myriam thinks that Aretha Franklin looks like Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street. At first I was offended by such a ridiculous statement. Then, I looked at her latest picture and cannot help but agree.

I try really hard to read two books a week. This week I am reading The Art of War by Sun Tzu and The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. The two in line after that are Kiss and Tell by Mari Naomi and Water for Elephants by Sarah Gruen. I'll let you all know what I think of them. Ice T just came out with his memoir. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be good.

Next month Lily Tomlin AND Wanda Sykes are both coming to Long Beach. My friend Jen got an interview with Lily Tomlin. I'm really excited for her--

Best song lyric of the week "If the proof is in the pudding then call me Cosby."
Best sign that I saw this week at a church: "Finding eggs is ok but finding Jesus is better." Is he hiding?
That's all I have for today. Happy Easter--hope all of your baskets have the good chocolate in them and not that cheap stuff that tastes like waxy pencil shavings. Thanks for reading.


  1. lmao. your blog amuses me so, tj <3. .. but I doubt that any of those speeches topped the one where the weird asian guy brought a dog to class in a duffle bag.. or the speech where that same guy wrestled someone in front of the class. wasn't his speech about how women can fend off potential rapists? either way, i'll never forget it. haha

  2. Yes. Jesus is hiding. I think he's at Park Pantry.

  3. Art of War??
    haha I don't know what use you'd have to for reading old chinese military tactics, but it is indeed an interesting read!

    The Jungle is depressing :(

    Good thing that you're reading quite frequently...
    As much as I enjoy reading, I have not done so in a long time!

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Grilled Cheeseus Fest was awesome...we took the Blue Line there and time I'm going to be a judge so I can get extra freebies :)

  5. Mandy: I remember that guy who brought in a dog! Oh how I miss how you can pick your own topic to talk about! That was pretty hilarious:) {Melanie}

  6. TJ, have you seen my pants?

  7. you should write more about one legged uncle sams...i liked that