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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bumbling homophobe, a mess at open mic, and what now.....

Hey everyone. This will be a great post. Just thought you'd all like to know that.

Ok--first things first, can ANYONE tell me in very basic--and I mean very basic terms what the differences are between dubstep, techno, and house music? I seriously think that they all sound the same.

Best song lyric of the week: "I don't need a boyfriend cuz I got my flip flops." Simplistic efforts+ philosophical brilliance= country music.

True story: Last week in Oregon there was an open mic event at a coffee shop. We all know that open mic's can be f***ing weird, but that is not the point. So this guy got up and sang a new song that he had written. The name of the song was, Sorry for the Mess. After he sang the song, he proceeded to stab himself to death--ONSTAGE. The freaks in the audience thought it was part of his art, so they just watched--ya know--while nodding their heads--pretending that they thought it was a brilliant performance. Finally, someone realized that he was indeed stabbing himself, but by then, it was too late--  he was dead. Suicide is never funny, but this story did make me laugh. How in the hell does one just watch something like that happen? Seriously, how?  Note to self: stay away from open mic's in Oregon.

Ok-here is another tragically funny story. I recently went to my very first soccer game ever. It was a super fun experience. My dear friend Sammy is a member of the Angel City Brigade which is a group of die hard Galaxy fanatics that attend every game and cheer the entire time. They have drums, flags, special cheers and songs--it's really cool. I totally got into the hype. I was jumping, singing, and cheering just as loud as everyone else................ Here is where the story turns tragically funny--the leader of the group stands in front with a megaphone to let us know which song or cheer we should do. He also keeps everyone in line and kicks people out that aren't actively participating.

Ok--the leader announced that we all needed to raise our hands while doing "spirit fingers"--then we needed to shout in unison as the opposing teams goalie kicked the ball--as the goalie made contact with the ball we all screamed "puto." Ok--even though I should know spanish--I don't. When I told Myriam about the cheer she looked dumbfounded and asked me if I knew what puto meant. I of course said that I thought it meant f***er to which she replied that I was wrong. It means faggot. I was unknowingly committing a verbal hate crime--for 90 minutes--and smiling while doing it. She thought it was hilarious. Here is what makes this story funny:
1. Doing spirit fingers is super gay
2. I am an idiot

Here is what makes this story tragic:
1. 7/10 teen suicides are caused because of a gender or sexuality crisis
2. I spend every waking moment trying to teach people about why acceptance of others is crucial

I'm sad because I cannot possibly attend another game with the ACB even though I really enjoyed the experience. Some people may argue that it's just a word, but I beg to differ. The saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me" is str8 up bullshit. Words can be much more powerful than a punch--scars from words take much longer to heal. I plan on writing a letter to the ACB to see if they would be willing to change that particular cheer.

The interesting thing about the ACB is that it is a very diverse group. They pride themselves on diversity--I'm hoping a conversation with them will open doors to queer galaxy fans. Perhaps there are already some in the group....I'm sure shouting that word is very difficult for them to do. Gandhi says that we should "be the change you wish to see," I guess this is where I come in because I simply cannot stand by and watch this continue.

I finished The Art of War. I loved it. I read it through a queer comedic lens--which I'm sure has never been done before.

I'm really glad that the semester is nearly over.  I love teaching so much, but I hate all of the drama that comes with it. Seems the dean needs to meet with me AGAIN.....wonder what it is this time. Who knows? I am comforted though by the saying: "well behaved people rarely make history." I truly believe that I am good at what I do. I have changed lives and am seriously tired of having to defend my teaching style. I guess we will see what happens.

Not much else is going on. Looking forward to my meeting tonight and a cool event on Saturday. I think I'll bbq on Sunday. Thanks for reading everyone.


  1. Great post tj... I love the way you teach... Please don't change youda youda best!!! ;)


  2. the basic difference between dubstep, techno & house. is the way they sound. they have slight differences. with dubstep focusing on the bass and house focusing more so on the rise & drop of music & is more dance based.
    ask in class & I'll play you some that highlight the differences.

  3. You are a rare find in a teacher TJ..don't ever change or compromise yourself.Great post I love reading your posts..You inspire me to want to be a better person and "to be the change I wish to see in the world" Love and hugs..Robin

  4. I'm glad you liked Art of War, and i'd love to hear your take from it.

    On the bright side of the soccer story, at least you finally went to your first soccer game!

    And your bbq this it open to ex-students?

    4 more weeks of school :)

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about that soccer game. If it makes you feel any better, the word "puto" in Tagalog refers to a sweet sponge cake treat. I love it. So if you're Filipino, puto is a whole different experience. Yuuum puto.

    Don't worry about the dean. Keep doing what you do in the way you do it.

    Let me give you a glimpse of my working world: Today, I found myself thinking, "Don't hand me shit and tell me it's a Tootsie Roll--I'm not buyin' it."


  6. I was in oregon last weekend too! checking out all the schools
    Its definitely beautiful up there, but I hope everything is going well for you this semester and I always love reading your blogs. =)

  7. Puto can also mean a male whore, just as Puta means female whore. Ask Angel City Brigade exactly what they mean. Whore or Faggot. If they simply mean to insult the guy, suggest the always effective, as well as fun to say, "culero" instead. Then go get your Galaxy on.