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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Joe Le, HOP, and things about me

Ahhhh. It's Saturday evening. Nothing too exciting planned. Oh-I do need to write an exam. I guess that is what I will do.

Ok. I'm going to start with something kind of serious because it is weighing heavy on my heart. On Friday, one of my students, Brian, was hiking with his friend Joe Le. As they tried to cross the stream, Joe was swept away by the undercurrent and Brian was unable to help. This had to be a very devastating thing to witness. Though there was NOTHING that Brian could have done, I know he feels responsible. A search party has been looking for Joe since Friday afternoon. As of now, they have only recovered his backpack. However, they have not given up.  I'm sure the family and friends of Joe are terrified to say the least.  If any of you have a higher power--please give a shout out to him/her asking for Joe's safe return and for strength for his family and friends.  This is clearly a trying time for everyone that knows and loves Joe. Prayers, chants, vibes, and any other positive energy will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

OK. I saw HOP yesterday. It was truly wonderful. I took my friend Ellie. She is 3and 1/2. We both laughed a lot, ate popcorn, drank sprite, and just enjoyed the day. Ellie doesn't venture out without her mom very often so I was honored when she agreed to go with me. Here is my favorite thing that she said to me: Hey Teej (yes, she calls me Teej) "You know that song that you like.....I not like your song so turn it off please." Anyways, the movie was great. I recommend it to everyone. Children of ALL ages should see it.

Classes are going pretty well. I cannot believe that the semester is more than half over. Myriam will be home in 18 days so I'm pretty excited about that. She is having a great time. Tomorrow they fly to New York for part 2 of the tour.

I really want to get a job this summer. Any suggestions or leads would be appreciated.

I really like the game Angry Birds. Today I played it with the sound on for the first time. Now I love it even more.

BTW--there IS such a thing as too much cheese.

Where are my poker players? I want to have a game next week. Any takers?

I don't really have much else to say so here are a few random lists about me

Things that make me happy: balloons, waterparks, and weiner dogs

Things that make me angry: apathy, the price of gas, and jaywalkers

Things that make me tear up: those damn animal commercials with Sarah Mclauhlan singing in the background, some of my students' exam scores, and the fact that Betty White is the only Golden Girl left

Things that make me laugh: Myriam's book Wish you were me, mariachi/hiphop fusion, and people that think cats are smart

That's it for now. I'll write again tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


  1. TJ, thanks for your concern for Joe. As of this time, we have not yet found Joe. We've been searching since 5am this morning and will continue tomorrow morning at 6am.

    If you know anybody who can help, be it just to have more eyes or someone with proper training please forward the message. We appreciate all of the help we can get. You can contact Victoria (Joe's sister) at 714-251-6390 for more details.

    If you can't be there physically, please pray for his safe return and for the safety of those in the search party.

  2. Things that make me laugh are cats that think that people are smart.

  3. I love that Sarah Mclachlan song!
    As for the poker night, I'm up for it!
    I'm a bit rusty, but I'm in; all in! ;)

    If you like balloons and wiener dogs, how do you feel about a balloon in the shape of a wiener dog?

    Also, I wonder if the rising cost of gas will have any effect on the numbers of jaywalkers.