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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Reward and punishment, Joe, and I am grateful

I hope that everyone had a nice weekend. The weather today was great. I really like that it stays light longer. Feels almost like summer. Perhaps I will bbq sometime this week. Would anyone like to come over on Thursday for a bbq?

Ok--so an update on Joe Le. Unfortunately, Joe's body was found today at 3:30 p.m. It's times like this that we must all stop and count our blessings. Everything in my life seems so petty compared to this. Please send a shout out to your higher power on behalf of Joe's family and friends. Please add a special one for Brian Tran. Brian saw the whole thing happen and has a lot of guilt--not to mention pain.  I simply cannot imagine witnessing such a tragedy I hope he feels that he can reach out for support from those who love him (including me).

As most of you know.....I recently received an award for professor of the month at Chapman University. I am very proud of this accomplishment. I really love teaching and I know that I am damn good at it. Today I received an email from the head of our department telling me that they have decided to cut the staff in half and, I am being cut. There was no reason given, no explanation about how the choice was made, and no remorse whatsoever. I am very sad because I really love teaching there. I think I bring something fresh to the students. I have a great combination of academic and street smarts--not to mention a great sense of humor. Oh well, I have to just remain positive. Rejection is God's protection. God protects me a lot BTW. LOL. Maybe this is a sign for me to work harder on my comedy--expand my audience. I can still educate. The cool thing about being a comedian is: you can teach others BUT you don't have to grade anything:) Thanks for the outrage though--I love that you all think I'm kinda awesome.

Here are a few reasons why I think I'm awesome:
1. I know all of the words to Shoop
2. I can cook like nobody's business
3. I drive a mustang
4. I am hilarious and can make almost anyone laugh if given the chance
5. I like to read textbooks in my free time
6. I have really cool glasses
7. I have the spirit of a child and the experience of a Chief
8. My students tell me that I have ballin' kicks. I guess that means cool shoes

Here are a few reasons why I think my life is awesome. These are things I'm thankful for:
1. I own a home in southern California
2. I get 19 weeks a year off
3. I am healthy
4. I have amazing friends and family
5. I have the best partner in the world
6. I can be myself--all of the time
7. I am loved and respected
8. Sesame Street is STILL on every single day.

I got nothing else tonight peeps. Sorry--I know there really isn't much wit or sarcasm in this post. Oh well. Still hope you enjoyed reading. Oh KATIE: Tomorrow I will blog about Treal TV. OK?


  1. So sad to hear you've been cut from the staff at Chapman :(
    Obviously Fran has no idea what she's doing!

  2. Poor Joe.. I am sorry :-X We all just need to realize that we still have a life we can live. Rest In Peace Joe Le.

  3. Just because you dont teach doesnt mean you cant educate. More importantly with a few months left...lets have some fun!!!

    For all the times you and I bit our more! Cheers!

    Stay positive, keep smiling, and change the world.


  4. I didn't know Joe, but I know Brian...
    I just sent Brian a message that'll hopefully give him a bit of hope.

    and I'd love to drop by on Thursday for a bbq.
    call/facebook me :)
    Is there anything I can bring?

    and, yes, being loved and respected is one of the greatest things in life :)

  5. sucks to be chapman!

  6. teej, i am glad to see that you have not forgotten about our long lost brother mac dre...he deserves a tribute in your blog and i look forward to your words about treal tv after i take your test tonight. ps i will have you note that i commented on your blog a few days ago even though it was not about treal tv, you can thank me later :) have a fab day darling and i must say i am selfishly honored to be apart of your legacy at chaptown-katie