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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pure and simple food, haircut, and tinysuperstars parting ways

I like postmodernism, but it's getting a little out of control. For those of you who do not know--postmodernism is the putting together of things that one normally wouldn't combine.  That is of course MY definition and it's quite elementary at that, but I think most people just want simple interpretations so there ya go. In graduate school I was forced to read Foucault, Butler, Jameson, Derrida, Wittengenstein, yada yada yada and I think they all pretty much say the same thing--when you put stuff together that doesn't belong together and it works--that's postmodernism. Anyway, I think it's getting a little out of control.

Here is a short list of some of the things I think should be left alone. See, sometimes the pure and simple should just stay pure and simple. It's all food and beverages. Let me know what you think.

1. Chocolate chip cookies and grilled cheese sandwiches.




2. Martinis



Maple Bacon! NO!



3. Pizza



Good Lord, NO!

Yeah--salmon belongs on a pizza! NO!


4. Burgers
YES! Simple and elegant!

Donut Burger? Yeah--NFW!

For God's sake--just eat the meat!!

A burger on pita--hell no!!

5. Soda

The inventor of these should be shot! So wrong!

Ok so there is my opinion on some of the foods that I think should be left alone.

I think the song "Shoop" by Salt n Pepa is one of the greatest songs ever written. I believe I will sing that song at karaoke this week.

Here is a snap of me and Izzy right before she cut my hair. I LOVE Izzy!!

Here are two snaps of my little buddy, Olen getting his haircut,


Ok--that's it for today. Tomorrow I am going to San Diego to do my final interview for the film. Bridget and I have decided to part ways for a few months while she works on putting together all of the footage. I'm pretty certain that my presence makes her anxious and I'm also pretty sure that if I was out of the picture for a while--she will feel inspired instead of pressured. The artist needs space to create. I fully respect this. See--I always like to know what's going on. If we take a break and I go away for a month or two or three--that will give B Naj time to focus and just be! Once that's over--there will be a film of some sort. A B Naj original that I cannot wait to see. To read more about the adventures/misadventures of filmmaking, please visit tinysuperstar,

Thanks for reading, everyone. I'll be back tomorrow with something very witty to say.


1 comment:

  1. Aydurryeahnuh TipsyAugust 15, 2012 at 12:34 AM

    Oh shit, you're MuthaFucking hilarious Teejie!
    What about maple + Bacon + Habanero + Pop Rock = Milk Chocolate?! A vendor dropped some off to our merch manager and the shit was like world war 3 in my mouth. Soooo Good!
    Love that pic of you and Izzy! Talk about a couple of sex pots! HAWT and dangerous!
    Olen is soooo adorable!
    Have fun tomorrow for the final interview.
    I think breaks are underrated. Time and space away from everything allow us to reconnect with ourselves and our visions clearly. And now Bridget can assemble all her incredible footage of delicious you, and piece together her masterpiece. And you, sweet T can get back to inspiring and educating great minds, and tickling countless funny bones in the classroom and on the stage. You are so incredibly Radical Lil corn chip! You're the Big Cheese Teejie! Speaking of cheese. What's your favorite cheese? Least favorite? What would be an out of control Postmodern cheese flavor that you would love or like to see?