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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wendyx2, I'm up to a lot, and Nellie

Hey readers. Thanks for checking in. Even if I don't feel like it I'm determined to write on this blog every single day. Quite frankly--tonight, I don't feel like it, but alas, here I am.

Shout out to my friend Wendy Jo. I'm pretty sure that Wendy Jo and I are soul sister mates.  I'm grateful to have her in my life. Her humility and dedication speak to my inner something. What I am trying to say is that she is pretty important to me, and I'm glad she is in my life.

Shout out to Wendy Jo's alter ego, Wendy Ho, Wendy Ho is a brilliant performer with balls the size of coconuts (that she doesn't even bother to "tuck") and a mouth that makes Bob Saget blush. She's crazy y'all and I adore her. PLEASE check out if you like nasty comedy at its finest! Here are a few of my favorite videos. BTW--this bitch is a pioneer. Just makin' sure you all know that.

Bitch, I Stole Yo Purse
Oprah Winfrey Video
Yes, I'm a Ho Album preview

I'm pretty sure that the three of us--meaning Wendy Ho, Wendy Jo, and me, TJ, are gonna be doing some shows together soon. No more details now--but definitely keep up with what's going on. You will NOT want to miss out on what is about to happen. I promise.

Ok--what else?

I think most people really want just two things in life.
1. To be loved unconditionally.
2. To be able to pay their bills.

If you have both of these--consider yourself blessed beyond measure.

I would really really like to work with Alison Angrim. I think if I had to pick one person to do a show with (besides Wendy Ho) it would be her. I think she would really like me. Also, I know more about Little House on the Prairie than ANYONE in the world. I'll challenge anyone! Even--Alison--Nellie Olsen!

I've decided what I want to do with the next 4 years of my life. It's a secret, but I'll fill you all in at a later date. I'm actually pretty excited about it. I've never felt more focused.

The Bluegrass Festival is NEXT WEEKEND!!! I love banjos so very much, and cannot wait to go.

Well, I've recorded the Roast of Roseanne and I really wanna check it out. She too was a pioneer in comedy, and she's kind of a badass. She's also insane--but we will save that for a later post!

Thanks for reading everyone. Come back tomorrow for more brilliance!


  1. Othreeeeeeahnah ToastiAugust 12, 2012 at 10:27 PM

    Ooooooooooooh I love you! Post everyday! I love your thoughts and you crack me up! I love the dates! I'm dying to know about your new adventure! Do we get a hint?! Pretty please with a tickle on top!

  2. What an honor, gurl! Also--I saw Alison's one woman show at the magic castle a couple years back--really LOVED it!!! Loveshoooo! I'm gonna check out the Roseanne Roast too now;-)

  3. I love your inner something.