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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend and randomness

Had a super weekend. Here it is in a nutshell:

Weather was great.
Went to an amazing birthday party for my friend Tess.
Saw a cool band play--World War Rose. They pretty much rocked the place.
Reconnected with an amazing friend who I love dearly.
Bought myself derby AND rink skates. Found a super sale--so I figured what the hell?
Went for a long drive with Myriam. We found a new pizza place. Had a great time and a great dinner.
Saw Rango--it was awesome. I can really identify with him. Does anyone know what kind of animal Spoons was supposed to be?
Wrote some new material.
Watched Pink's concert on logo. I love her--she's a great entertainer--She sings one song while performing on a trapeze. Oh AND she performed a Queen song. She's kind of a badass and the fact that I can identify with her music makes me feel young:) I'd love to have lunch with her, Betty White, and Sandra Bullock. That would be super awesome.

Ok-we need to stop giving Charlie Sheen so much attention. He's an idiot--let's just move on.

I love the new Dr. Dre song featuring Eminem. Not only is it just a great song but the lyrics again seems to confirm my research on Eminem. Another love song for Dr Dre?--yep--it looks that way.

Does anyone watch Glee? I really want to watch it because I miss it BUT because of evilness--and bad memories I need someone new to watch it with. Let me know if you are down.

That's it for today. I'm proud to be a freak. "Normal" people rarely make history.

Thanks for reading.

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