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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random thoughts and shout outs

Jane Lynch AS Sue Sylvester AS Madonna might just be the coolest thing ever shown on TV. (Glee Season 1)

I gave away my ticket to Nate Dogg's funeral because I did not want to cancel class. Now that is dedication folks.

I am addicted to that damn Angry Birds game.

Quotes of the week: "An open mind is a great thing to have but, not so open that your brains fall out.""Don't lose track of who you are just because it might be easier to be someone else."

I am on spring break at OCC next week. I do love my students there but, I hate going to that campus-- so I'm looking forward to the break.

Shout outs: Hey Tyler, Sarah, and Tricia--thanks for an awesome time at Le Creperie. I love hanging out with you guys AND the food was super good. Let's do it again soon. I'll even be nicer to the gay waiter next time.

Tim Hill--you are a rock star. It was awesome seeing you on Friday and I cannot believe that you bought me and my friends' lunch as a surprise. Double treat indeed. I'm glad that you are doing well, your friend was Wisconsin is ADORABLE, and I promise that I will arrange for you to meet John Mayer someday. I promise.

Sometimes I feel like I'm playing tug of war with myself. Does anyone know what I mean?

If you had to pick two celebrities to be President and Vice President who would you pick? I would pick Judge Judy for President and either Betty White or Oprah for Vice President.

My friend Shae (who is ten by the way) made a really cool statement the other day. She was asked to find a song that was her "guilty pleasure." You know...something that you love that you might be embarrassed or even feel guilty about for liking it. I have many guilty pleasures including: Teen Mom 2, Neil Diamond, Mountain Dew, etc. Anyways.....After Shae's mom explained what a guilty pleasure was Shae simply responded by saying "If I like something it's because I like it and I'm not going to feel guilty about that." I love her insight. We should always be proud of what we like--no matter what others might think. Thanks for the great lesson Shae.

On Friday, my friend Robin is turning 50 and my friend T is turning 40. On that day I will officially be 39 and 3/4. My thirties are coming to a close and I'm finally at peace with that--well at least right now I am.

Ok that's it for part two. Thanks for reading. Tomorrow look for some haiku and some fun lists. Send me a topic and I'll come up witty something witty to say about it. Have a great week everyone.


  1. Next up Taco Tuesdays!!!

    See you there.


    ps. my guilty pleasure Countdown shows. I will literally watch a countdown of anything and Im hooked. I have wasted hours upon hours! haha.

  2. I know that Shae is right, but I have many guilty pleasures. I'm indulging in some right now: listening to John Denver songs (don't hate!) and spending time on FB when I am supposed to be grading essays.

  3. Always playing tug of war with myself... and not necessarily the devil and the angel sitting on my shoulder. Usually its between the head and the heart...

    You should run for president TJ!!!