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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Living without limbs, words of wisdom, and snake update

If you take the amount of money that the U.S. spends on food in one week---you could feed a third world country for one year. Do you know what that means? It means that we are being overcharged for food.

Happy Wednesday everyone.  Well, they still haven't found the snake. You can however follow him on Twitter. (Bronxzooscobra) I love that. Thanks for the link Tricia.

Today was a pretty good day. Class tonight was great yet frustrating at the same time. I teach intercultural communication at a VERY privileged university. Don't get me wrong, a lot of the students there did not come from wealthy families AND I'm not saying that coming from a wealthy family is a bad thing. I just find that so many of the students cannot look beyond their own bubble that is Orange County. They cannot comprehend empathy because they have never been forced to "walk in another person's shoes" and frankly, many of them don't want to. Tonight we discussed abortion AND immigration which of course are very heated topics. Overall, it was a good discussion but some students made some very ignorant and offensive comments. It frustrates me when the bad puts a shadow over the good. Oh well, I do what I can and I'll just be grateful for the students with open minds and critical thinking skills.

Last night I had an out of the body experience. I was beside myself. HAHA

What happens if you spill carpet cleaner?

So, I've noticed a trend lately. There are A LOT of stories about people with missing limbs who are accomplishing great things i.e. climbing mountains, becoming wrestling champions, surfing, etc. Anyways--just something that I noticed. It amazes me how differently- abled people will go to such extremes to show that they can do ANYTHING. They seem to want to appear "normal." The funny thing is that most of them are doing more than "normal" people are.  I wonder if they would've done all of these things if they had all of their limbs or if they would've just been lazy like the rest of us.

My grandpa only had one arm. He grabbed a live wire to save several people from being electrocuted and in turn, he lost his arm. The funny thing about my grandpa....he got by....but he never tried to "prove" that he could do ANYTHING. In fact, he basically just simplified and enjoyed his life. Sometimes--instead of trying to prove that he was "normal" he would just say something like: "I can't do that you idiot, I only have one arm."  Sometimes he wore a hook--which was super cool. My grandpa was pretty amazing. I have lots of stories about him. Perhaps I'll share some with you. Jackie.....I know you are reading this. What is your favorite grandpa story?

Words to live by:
How people treat you in their karma; how you react is yours.

Zen Proverb:
Live every day like your hair is on fire

So, I love netflix on demand but they really need to update and fix their organization. Tonight I was looking for a movie to watch and under the "fight against the system" category was Dr. Dolittle II and A Veggie Tales film.  They were right next to a George Carlin film and a Michael Moore film which made it even funnier. I'd love to see a Veggie Tales movie where they "fight the system." That would rock. Romaine is a very religious vegetable. Lettuce pray.

That's it. I'm tired. More tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


  1. Oh class! Everyday takes me back to the bliss of being a ignorant freshman. (Or more likely using that as an excuse for plain stupidity)

    All is well and is exactly the reason I dont speak up more. haha. I just sit back and enjoy!

    ***Good instant netflix: Freakonomics, Play the game, Wall Street, Defiance, and of course Top Gun!


  2. Zen Proverb:
    Live every day like there are snakes on 'da the plane!

  3. I liked the story of your grandpa!
    Story of self-sacrifice always gets to me T_T
    He is quite a hero!

    And in regards to ignorant and offensive comments >_<
    I deeply respect you for dealing such nonsense with such calm and patience!
    Speaking of calm and patience, how's Tai Chi?

    As for netflix... so many great movies on stream... Billy Elliot, Amelie... Etc :)

    Take Care!

  4. this blog was... amazing and hilarious! "lettuce pray." ha! I love veggie tales; watching an episode used to be part of morning chapel at christian school lol.

    btw, a grandma with a hook for an arm? how many people can say that?! kind of awesome, gotta say...

  5. I think the reason that the US spends more on food is not because we're charged too much, but because we eat too much. ;)