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Friday, March 4, 2011

Tina Turner, Lasagna, Tess Rose is 14, and student statements of the week

Well well--it is Friday. I am gonna start by venting a little because it was kind of a frustrating day. I teach in Mission Viejo on Fridays and Saturdays and normally I am very happy with the students there. First--let me just say that it takes me almost 2 hours to drive there on Fridays because it's 45 miles away AND the traffic in So Cal is brutal. Anyways--today was speech day and I had 27 speeches scheduled (it is a three hour class.) I'm sure you all know where this is going.....Only 20 of the 27 students showed up AND out of those 20 only 7 were ready to present. I was pissed. I'm a pretty laid back teacher and I try to be understanding, but when I feel taken advantage of--I get angry. Needless to say....I got angry. The speeches that were given were really good but the lack of preparedness from the other students unfortunately overshadowed the great presentations. Anyways--I handled it and so far I have received 11 emails from students apologizing. I was gonna give them next Friday off because of their hard work. HA. I might add an extra class now--lol. OK-that's enough of that.

Ok so Tina Turner is 71 years old. 71!!! My God. She looks amazing. What a strong and amazing woman she is. I don't really have too much more to say about her--I just couldn't believe that she was 71 when I saw her picture. If you've never seen the film that is her life story (What's love got to do with it) you must see it immediately. I think she's my role model of the week. It's people like her that show us all that no matter how crappy life is--if we have enough strength and courage--things can and will get better.

Yesterday I made a really good lasagna. Myriam even had two pieces. Good lasagna is always even better the second day. I think I'll have it for dinner.

Here are my three favorite student statements of the week:

Dude--I was gonna put the thermostat at 69 but I thought that might be inappropriate--wait--TJ--do you know what 69 means?

Ok so I have a problem with stray hairs like falling on the ground--which is weird because my boyfriend is super hairy because he is Persian and hair is always falling off of his arms.

Yes TJ, I take coupons on a date--see--I'm a baller on  budget.

Gotta love those students--the future of America--and Sarah Palin wants to be their leader--God help us all.

Tomorrow I am going to a birthday party with like 75 14 year olds. I'm super excited. I first met Tess when she was 5 or 6. I bought her her first milkshake--now she is 14 and has a cool rockband. They are gonna play 8 songs at the party. I'm super stoked that she invited me--a 39 2/3 year old to her party. Tess is awesome--her sister Shae also rocks--and their mom is one of the most amazing people in my life--glad we are all reconnecting.

That's it for today--time for me to go see what kind of trouble I can get into tonight. Comments are awesome--xoxoxo

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  1. Wow... Tina Turner is 71...
    She looks 50.

    But yes... "What's Love Got To Do With It" is one of my favorite songs to sing for karaoke!