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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Myriam's tour, Louis, and student statements

I have had a super busy week. I've missed blogging. Some of you have emailed me to inquire about my next post. Well, here it is. It's Saturday night, I just took some theraflu because I'm fighting a cold, there is a Little House on the Prairie marathon on, and I have some leftover steak and mac & cheese in the fridge--so there ya go.

Myriam was here for three days which was wonderful. Her readings all went very well. In fact she sold out of her books for the second time. People cannot get enough of her weird wit. Thursday's reading was here in Long Beach and the place was packed. Before the show, we had the gang from Sister Spit over for dinner. Kirk, Ali, Mari, Blake, Amos, Michelle, and Beth all got to see our house and meet the rabbits. I was honored to cook for them. It was a pretty good meal if I do say so myself. Many friends came out to the venue to support Myriam and the rest of Sister Spit.  It was awesome.  I think it may have been one of the greatest nights of my life. Good food, amazing artists, great friends, and a shout out from Michelle Tea makes for a pretty incredible time. To see the Sister Spit Blog check out

Myriam will be back in 24 days:) She is having a blast but, I miss her a lot.

Ok so last Sunday I adopted a dog. I posted a few pictures of Louis on my facebook page. Unfortunately, after a few trips to the vet I made the decision to return him. Though I loved him, I had to do what was best for everyone--including Louis. He has some serious eye problems and I just couldn't take on the responsibility of caring for him. I was going to have to administer a number of medications multiple times a day AND his care was going to cost a lot. An independently wealthy woman that volunteers at the shelter has decided to take him and get him the surgeries and help that he needs. I'm grateful for her. I enjoyed the few days thatI had with him.

My drumming class is going very well. I really love it. I'm now on a mission to find the perfect drum to purchase.

Ok so it's Sunday now. I totally fell asleep before I finished my post. Theraflu rocks.

On of the classes that I teach is public speaking  Last week was a speech week and here are some of my favorite lines from speeches AND some favorite excuses from people who missed their speeches:

1. (Best opening line) "Today I am going to tell you about an expensive coffee that is made from poop."
2. (Best citation of source) "According to the back of the Entenmann's box, these donuts are full of fat."
3. (Best line for further research) "If you want to know more about this then you should totally google it."
4. ( Three best excuses for missing class) "Oh...I got confused and thought our class was on Monday's and Wednesday's." "I couldn't come to class because all of my clothes were in the washer and I didn't think you wanted me to come naked." "My coke dealer is in Vegas and I was twitchin cuz I didn't have none."
5. (Best true reason for having to drop the class) "I'm being charged with  murder cuz the guy me and my homies beat up died this morning."

This post is getting too long and I have a lot more to say so........I'll post again in a few hours. Promise!!

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  1. Sorry you had to return your dog. I know that's a tough decision. Do you remember when Ryan and I had our dog Max? We adopted him from the Humane Society, (this was when we still lived in MN). We had him at home for a few months and after all sorts of behavior problems - and believe me - we exhausted all resources, including taking him to a dog shrink for $150 an hour - Ryan took him back to the Humane Society. He did this while I was in Iowa. He called me bawling about how terrible he felt and how much he missed him so he went back to the Humane Society and adopted him AGAIN. Then after a few months of horrible problems, we took him back to the Humane Society AGAIN. So - we know how ya feel... Sorry. :(